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Feb 28, 2007 11:14 AM

Barcelona Recommendations

My friend and I are going to Barcelona next week and realized that we both haven't been there since college (which is almost 10 years ago now!).

Now that we're actually making a "decent" income, we're hoping to eat at some decent restaurants for both lunch and dinner -- anywhere from cheap eats to splurge worthy.

Also, we're staying at the Casa Camper and was wondering if anyone had eaten at the

Thanks so much for your suggestions!

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  1. Here are a few I've suggested in other threads..I've attached a few pictures too.

    For casual pizza: Marzano's. We actually liked it! Sat upstairs by a window and people watched on Las Ramblas:

    ABAC -definitely nice and upscale!

    Cinc Sentits -again, just awesome. Smaller than ABAC, but wonderful!

    Moo-Very trendy, inside of the Hotel OMM

    Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa-smaller, not much to look at, but divine!

    Bestial-close to the Hotel Arts (Which is a Ritz Carlton

    Hope these help.

    (Photograph order:
    ABAC-they brought this to us after dessert. Sooo much food. Sooo good!
    Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa dessert which is called "The Devil's Tooth" in English. One of everything on their dessert menu. AMAZING.
    Restaurant Magi Vinya Rosa again. These were potato raviolis. Chef warned us they weren't like the ravioli we were probably thinkig...Uhhh no problem! They were divine!
    Table decor at Cinc Sentits

    1. Foodball looks closed - i walked past the other day and it was all closed up. Not a shame actually, it's a weird concept - interesting once but perfectly missable. They served balls of rice with various fillings - most were pretty tasteless, and various dipping sauces. It was all very 'eco' - with filtered water and recycled and recyclable plates etc. the 'dining room was a stark echoey space with a set of steps on one side of the room which served as the equivalent of chairs and tables. Not very comfy!