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Feb 28, 2007 11:13 AM

Vespa Replacement?

Has anyone heard any updated rumors or news on what is going to open in Vespa's old space?

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  1. Vespa? The Vespa dealer on Wisconsin?

    1. From what I hear, Mothers is going to expand into that space.

      1. Actually three guys will be reopening Vespa in that same space. One is one of the original owners, the other is Chef Mike, from Vespa and the third I am not familiar with

        1. This from the SoBo Improvement Committee meeting minutes from April 3rd:

          "Finally, a former owner of Vespa came to let us know about the soon-to-be reopened restaurant. The restaurant and wine bar will have approximately double the seating area, and the old executive chef will be back with an expanded menu. They hope to open under a new name in early summer."

          I know they've been working on it, since i go past there on my way to Cross Street Market a couple of times a week.

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          1. re: JonParker

            Replying to my own post, I walked by yesterday and there was a Stop Work order from the city on the place, citing building code violations.

            The saga continues -- and by the time it's complete, will anyone still care?