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Fast and inexpensive near UCLA?

Looking for suggestions for a quick lunch in the UCLA vicinity - no sandwiches, sushi, or pasta please. A taqueria would be ideal, if there is such a thing around there. Thanks in advance!

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  1. No real taquerias in the immediate area. There's Jose Bernstein's for bastardized Mexican in Westwood Village. Do a search on "UCLA" or "Westwood" for all the other recs.

    1. Ambala Dhaba, (Northern Indian food) might be a good choice. Order at the counter and they bring the food to you. Park in the Ross underground lot with the entrance just north of the little teeny lot that the restaurant, (and a couple of other places) have in order to satisfy inadequate LA parking req's.

      1781 Westwood Blvd.
      Los Angeles
      (310) 966-1772

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        This place sounds perfect! Thanks - here's hoping my dining companion likes Indian, because I certainly do :)

      2. saks. quick, fast and cheap.

        1. If Ambala Dhaba is busy or closed, Sunnin Lebanese Cafe is right next door and is amazing. Great falafel, hummus, and kebabs. I drive out there from the Los Feliz/Silverlake area whenever I can.

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            I second Sunnin. Some of the best falafel around.

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              sorry to disagree.
              sunnin has a microwave placed next to the falafal fryer so that the falafal balls that have been allowed to sit there and get cold can be reheated, soggy, soggy, soggy

          2. No taqueries in the village really...I would go to Damon & Pythias for a salad.

            1. Is Falafal King still in Westwood? They're weren't expensive and pretty fast...

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                Yup, still there.

                Pastries at Elysee Bakery are good too... quiches and salads and whatnot.

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                  Thanks..my first experience with falafals and shwarma... can't stay away from all of those condiments...

              2. Not tacos but you MUST try Fresh Corn on Westwood Blvd. near Ohio. A chef from the Ivy opened it and they have the grilled vegetable salad with chicken, shrimp or salmon for 1/3 the price of the ivy. Great pizza, pasta and other stuff too. It is wonderful and very reasonable.

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                  haven't tried ti yet. but is it really the same as the ivy sounds like it might be worth a visit? is there seating too, or mostly takeout?

                2. I'd vote for the Westwood Thai on Westwood across from Borders a couple blocks south of Wilshire. I was delightfully surprised at how good it is!

                  1. Mongolian BBQ next to LaMonicas - Delicious, cheap and fairly fast.

                    And LaMonicas is also super super good for some NY pizza!!!!

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                      second on mongol's... you have to use your knuckles to pound your food in .... you get a kind of sour spicy soup, cookies, and whatever you can "pound" into your bowl... they are pretty quick... even i there is a line, i think the wait is at most 10 minutes or so... and you can take it to go.. were you thinking of take out?

                      elysee is also good. as someone pointed out above... i like their pastries there... i was in the area recently and i also saw that there was a new bakery somewhere by westwood blvd (by thriftys?).. i don't know how "new" it is, but it was new to me.. it seemed pretty popular when i passed it, but i didn't have time to stop and check it out.. but if students are there, it must be pretty affordable...

                      and re snooze's post below... there's a WF's in westwood proper?!?!?! are you kidding me?!?!! i still am sad that they closed down bullocks and brought in ralphs.. does breadsticks still exist??? i'm always interested to see how things are a-changing...

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                        Yes! There's a WF on Gayley just north of Lamonica's on the same side of the street (east-side)... I couldn't believe it either. I think they started up in 2003. Breadsticks? Breadstix? Oh where art thou?

                    2. I'm starting to like going to Whole Foods more often these days (free parking). You can grab a nice, cool, drink there... then walk down to Lamonica's for a slice or two. THEN, head back to WF for dessert OR walk a little further down to Diddy Riese or Stan's. Mmm.

                      1. whole foods, in n out, falafel king???

                        1. A "decent" taco or taqueria in Westwood unfortunately doesn't exist!!!!!

                          Chains to avoid like the plague = Acapulco (*), Chili's, El Pollo Loco. Baja Fresh is some what better for a chain, but still very disappointing. Jose Bernstein's which attempts to qualify as a Mexican/deli fails as the quality of the meat is poor as well as their salsa bar. You can get tacos and burritos made to order inside Whole Foods, but wouldn't it be better to drive to WLA (or anywhere else) for something so much better?!?!?

                          The best Westwood option is to hike deep into UCLA, climb and weave your way through the maze of Ackerman Hall to Rubio's (2nd floor) after 4 p.m. on a Tuesday for $1 fish tacos.

                          (*) Acapulco has $1 taco happy hours during the week which are just barely passable food-for-value-wise, location-wise; but be warned - the salsa on the side table comes cold right out of the fridge = yukish (better would be the bottled hot sauce residing on each table).

                          P.S. - With the ongoing construction of the new 340(?) apartment complex on Glendon, the vacant space between Westwood Brewing Co. and ACLU had a notice on their window that another Mexican "Chain" restaurant was going in there. Rumour has it that the space formerly occupied by "Star Chicken", next to the Bruin Theater, is going to be an El Taco. And speaking about ACLU (UCLA backwards for those cyptogramically challenged) has, for the time being, closed it's doors after being opened for only 4 months (12/15 to 4/15). Which just further illustrates, through the college of hard nocks, that it doesn't pay to open a new restaurant, or anything else, inside a construction zone! When that big crane is in operation, the entire block of Glendon between Weyburn and Broxton is completely closed off - which is/was where ACLU was located.

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                            errr.....UCLA spelled backwards is ALCU.....= the kaiten sushi spot right?

                            ya go to USC or something? =) LOL.

                          2. There's a new falafel / pita place that's just south of In-N-Out on Gayley... great stuff. You fill your own pita w/ fillings. In addition to falafel, they have "wowshis" - a pita stuffed with either black beans (w/ onions and spices), beans and cheese, cheese, or ground beef... you can put the same fillings in there. It's called Bella Pita (had to search for the name), and there's a thread about it here:

                            They make their own pita in-house. I have had a lot of falafel in LA, and I think this place is among the best - it's one of the only places where I can finish a whole sandwich without getting sick of it.

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                              Sak's - Terriyaki Chicken, Udon, etc. (Glendon)
                              Enzo's Pizza - Pizza & Salad lunch specials (Weyburn/Broxton)
                              Mr. Noodle - Chinese, quick lunch specials (Broxton/Le Conte)
                              D'Amore's Pizza - Broxton location & Westwood Blvd. - quick lunch specials
                              Isshin - Bento Lunch specials (Glendon/Hilgard)
                              The problem with Westwood during lunch is parking. If you can walk, it's much better.