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Feb 28, 2007 10:32 AM

[SAT] Anyone been to Tiago's Cabo Grill Yet?

If so how was it?


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  1. Three of us ate lunch there yesterday. It was good and I liked the atmosphere but it was a little expensive for lunch. Even though they have lunch specials, the price wasnt much lower than the rest of the menu. I had a bowl ($5.4) of tortilla soup. It was thick and had noodles I think along with tortillas. The chips and 2 hot sauces were pretty good. My friend had grilled chicken salad and liked it. It was about 9$.Another friend had the street vendors tacos off the regular menu. I tried it, it was good. I think he got pastor, refried beans were very good (I got to try those, too.) Overall, we enjoyed it and all three said we would go back, maybe in the evening to enjoy the patio.

    1. My partner and I went there for dinner today. I had the macadamia crusted chicken with the jalapeno jack mashed potatoes and mixed veggies; he had the street vendor tacos al pastor. We split an order of chicken empanadas for an appetizer. The chips were really good, and the salsa de fuego (dark salsa) was really flavorful-- sweet, with some nice heat to it, and a noticeable touch of "pastry" spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. The salsa roja was the kind I like, with lots of lime and garlic and the right amount of heat. The empanadas were crispy and puffy and the filling was unusual- chicken, white cheese, and roasted tomatoes. Most of the empanadas I've had in restaurants have been all meat or meat and cheese, but the addition of tomato to Tiago's empanadas was a really nice touch. I thought they were otherwise middle of the road. The star of the show was my partner's tacos. Grilled pineapple, serrano peppers, red and green bell peppers, big chunks of grilled onion, and really tender pork marinated in pineapple juice, combined with diced white onion, chopped cilantro and fresh corn tortillas, plus some nicely seasoned rice and silken refrieds made for some excellent tacos. My macadamia chicken was VERY tender. Flaky and moist, almost like fish, my partner remarked. The cilantro-jalapeno dipping sauce was great, and the veggies were al-dente and seasoned very subtly. The potatoes were very, very smooth, rich with the jack cheese, and had that wonderful hint of jalapeno fruitiness.

      Price wasn't bad either-- when we dine out, we normally spend 35-40 on a meal before tip, and tonight's meal with tea and soda, appetizer and entrees, was 31.

      Is this place a chain? I'd never heard of it before.

      1. My husband and I went to the one located off of 151 shortly after it opened for dinner and I wasn't too inpressed with it. However I just went to the new one at the RIM for lunch yesterday and it was amazing. I know it may sound weird, but we all ordered the Angus Burger which is one of the lunch specials ($7.90) and it was by far the most amazing burger I have had in Texas! The meat was so juicy and tender it melted in your mouth! It comes on a jalepeno, cheddar bun with shoe string fries. We also got the guacamole that is made tableside. It was pretty good, could have used a little more lime and we added a little salt.

        1. My Family and I went to Tiago's at the Rim on Saturday Evening about 8:00...The Service Was Really Bad....The Server was rude and the food arrived cold...we were not offered refills on Tea...Didnt get any water....We had to request each item including napkins which must be in short supply...There were four of us and we got three napkins...After our cold food arrived we had to wait for Silverware...At this point..we asked for the manager who...Was rude...and tried to fix it with a remark of "What do you want Cake"....No...We wanted the service that we were going to pay for...Dont Go There You are better off Somewhere Else...

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            Six of us (4 adults & 2 kids) went to the one at the Rim last night. The service was an uncoordinated disaster. Delayed seating for no reason, service people who took orders and then disappeared only to have somebody else take the order again, no ice water offered, out of a beer I wanted......just on and on. The food was nothing special. Three of the four adults thought their entree was just okay. The only highlights were the black beans and the fire roasted salsa. I don't think we'll be going back.

          2. We dined at The Rim location for my wife's birthday on 6/13/2008. Upon entering the building, I immediately noticed very dirty floors in the seating area. It was so bad, it appeared that the floor hadn't been swept all day. There were five employees standing in the front chit chatting. There was confusion about being seated and they didn't know where to put us though there were plenty of open tables including the outdoor patio which they did not offer. When they finally sat us we were at an inside booth near a unique glass bottle chandelier. It was rather stuffy and warm inside and could not feel the A/C if it was on. Upon being seated it took them 10 minutes to bring out our water which I noted from the clock on the TVs above the bar. Our appetizer plates were brought out with significant amounts food stuck to them on the top of the plate (not the underside). They brought us clean ones with chips and salsa. The chips were fresh and the green salsa was better than store bought. It had a little bit of a kick to it but not overpowering for those of us that like mild salsas. For our meal we ordered the Salmon on a cedar plank and the steak and shrimp fajitas with a bottle of domestic beer. The Salmon was only cooked on the exterior but completely raw on the interior and the rice came out cold. The steak and shrimp fajitas had good flavor and you could taste the marinate, but it was not as good as Mamacitas. They did not bring the beer with the order and infact completely forgot. I had the salmon returned and spoke with the manager letting him know our dining experience was unacceptable. The manager apologized and comp'd the salmon meal and offfered us a free chocolate cake. The waitress was cordial and noticiably felt for our poor experience, she also apologized but explained that it was a busy night. The explanation made me think of the employees when we entered. We do not recommend eating at Tiagos and will not eat there again.

            Pros: color scheme was cool and so was the glass bottle chandelier
            Cons: Although we didn't bring our kids, no room for highchairs or a stroller. The tables are crammed in and difficult to walk between.