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Yummy restaurant near USC

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That I can have dinner at tonight.

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  1. You have a wealth of possibilities - what price range are you looking for, any particular cuisine, anything absoutely to be avoided? How far from Campus are you willing to travel?

    1. I want something super close. A mile max, but I'm up for any type of food, but I want a sit-down style of restaurant.

      1. La Taquiza - on Figueroa - it's by far one of the most delicious mexican places in all of LA -- can't go wrong, but I love love love their mulitas.

        1. A bit more upscale, you should go to Harold & Belle's on Jefferson at Crenshaw. Great creole food, lively atmosphere.

          1. If you are up for an early dinner, I like Chichen Itza at Mercado La Paloma. Very close to USC but open until 630 or so. Good Yucatecan and I like their cochinita pibl


            1. Back when I was in school, I actually kind of liked the food at 29th Street Cafe. I couldn't tell you how it is now. It's too bad the restaurant at upstairs commons isn't open for dinner.

              I've heard good things about La Taquiza as well.

              1. Harold & Belle's.

                probably too late for dinner but keep it in mind next time you're near campus

                I really need to try Chichen Itza as well. I keep forgetting to do that.

                Come to think of it, how about you go there and post how you liked it :-)

                1. manas on vermont might fit the bill.... but it takes forever to get the food and the indian stuff is actually not great. the chinese stuff is better, though.