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Feb 28, 2007 10:18 AM

Newbridge Revisited

Haven't been to Newbridge in eons and decided to go last Thursday night... never disappointed in our tips here and once again they were A+. We love their salad dressing and was asking the waiter when they were going to bottle it. He told us that the NB had it all ready to be bottled and once they realized they would have to list ingredients on bottle they decided the secret recipe was more important than selling it. Bah Humbug! Best steak tips around.

Can anyone tell me when they added all the additional items to their menu??? Couldn't remember the menu being so large... maybe just getting old!

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  1. Someone should tell them that great BBQ places (Memphis, North Carolina, etc.) have gotten around the "bottle list" problem by simply putting "spices" on the label instead of listing them one by one.

    1. Never been to the Newbridge but have heard about it for years. Two questions:
      1. Is it wheelchair accessible?
      2. What suggestions would you make other than the tips?

      1. The back (side) door is at ground level but is narrow. I thing that it can be negotiated. They do offer several kinds of tips: steak, pork (my favorite), lamb and I believe turkey. There are other things on the menu ie, sausage, pasta, but the tips are the way to go.

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