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Feb 28, 2007 10:08 AM

San Francisco Hound Needs Solo Dining Advice

Hi All - Will be in Boston this coming weekend and dining alone on Saturday night. I'm staying at the Omni Parker House Hotel and would love recs on good, lively places to have a great meal solo, preferably within walking distance, or a short T ride. Nothing too fancy - I'm open to pubs with good food, as well as holes in the wall, and am willing to spend up to $30-$40. If you all can suggest a good place to grab a drink and meet friendly locals afterward, this would be a much appreciated bonus!

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  1. Silvertone fits all your requirements with ease.

    Do a site search for details.

    BTW, I believe it opens at 6:00 pm on Saturdays.

    1. It's restaurant week then, I'm recommending non-restaurant week places.

      You can walk to the North End. Try Carmen (good antipasti selection), The Daily Catch (squid ink pasta aglio olio), Maurizio's (a few Sardinian dishes that are worth trying).

      Try Cafe Baraka in Central Sq. for Algerian/Tunisian food, a few stops North on the red line.

      1. There's hope: Restaurant Week does not start until Sunday. And at many places, not until Monday. The sponsors have figured out that offering such a promotion on a Saturday is not a good idea.

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          Woops, my bad, misread the OP (I thought next weekend) - RW is March 4-9.

        2. Silvertone for both good "comfort" food and a place to grab a drink afterwards.
          Beantown pub has pool & beer for afterwards, but please do yourself a favor and stay away from the food.
          There's also Jacob Wirth's in the nearby theater district - I'm not the biggest fan of their food, but it is decent pub grub.
          Depending on whether you go right or left down Tremont, you could end up in the North End or Chinatown. Wouldn't recommend chinatown with your being from SF, but there may be a few places (mentioned above and below) in the North End that would fill the bill.
          If you're a cigar smoker, downstairs from Cafe Vittoria in the North End is quite lively and convivial mixing of the locals over cocktails and cigars.

          1. Besides Silvertone, No. 9 Park for a step up. 75 Chestnut and Beacon Hill Pub on Charles St. Teatro on Tremont St. might be okay on the early side before it gets too crowded and noisy. Spire even closer has a fun bar. Short walk to the north end where Prezza has a good bar for solo dining and keeping it to apps is reasonable. The Kinsale across from the Govt. Center T stop is okay pub food.

            If you don't mind emailing, I have some SF questions. Thanks.

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              the BHP serves food? Say it ain't so!

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                Oops, Beacon Hill Bistro. A few steps above.