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Feb 28, 2007 09:48 AM

Most Expensive Desserts in France?

Hi: I'm looking for the most outrageously priced sweet things across the globe. Any recommendations? Thanks.....

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  1. I think Pierre Hermé would be the most expensive pâtisserie in Paris, Sadaharu Aoki is better in my opinion though. Hope this helps!

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      a bit hard to compare though: sada has a japanese bent (...those black sesame eclairs!) while herme's tastes are somewhat more those of itinerant frenchman.

    2. I am still not sure, if you mean a dessert in a restaurant or a fancy cake you buy at a high end patisserie such as Pierre Hermé, Fauchon, Jean-Paul Hévin, Dalloyau, etc.
      You can check Hermé's page for prices of goodies he ships (English version under construction):

      If you mean at a high end restaurant, prices for very sophisticated desserts that one cannot even describe, will easily run between 20-30€.
      Curious? Just read some menus of the food temples on this web page:

      Personally, I not of huge fan of Hermé nor Aoki, but do prefer a lovely lemon or fruit tarte from Gérard Mulot, some macarons from Ladurée or a nice gâteau from any other good neighbourhood patisserie.

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        Thank you for the great recommendations. I'm interested more in pricey restaurant desserts than in patisseries. I will check each of these suggestions out, thanks again....

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          The best restaurant desserts aren't as expensive as you'd think - or maybe it's just me. I worked at Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee and prepared the most expensive item on the menu - 120 euros for a caviar, scallop, and caviar dish - while the desserts were only 25 euros each. I saw the amazing work and artistry that went into them and am still shocked at their relatively low price. And yes, they were all delicious.