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Feb 28, 2007 09:46 AM

What to Order for Dinner at A Voce??

I have dinner reservations next week and was wondering if fellow chowhounds recommended any particular dishes. Thanks!

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  1. I love love love this place. The duck meatballs which is an app is a must. I also had the venison and some rigatoni pasta dish. All outstanding.

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    1. Vegetable Antipast-outstanding

      1. If they have the fresh ricotta as an appetizer -- definitely get it. SOOOO good.

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          I second the ricotta. It is fantastic.

        2. Thanks! I have heard only rave reviews about this place and am eagerly awaiting my dinner there.

          1. first of all, you can't miss, whatever you order. To start, the ricotta cheese is a must, as are the duck meatballs. But I have yet to have an appetizer that wasn't great - beets, calemari, antipasti. The pastas are great. If they have the gnocchi, go for it. As for meats, the duck is otherworldly. The steak is great. The fishes are fine, although they don't pack quite the same "wow" as the other dishes, but they are very good.