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Feb 28, 2007 09:38 AM

Dallas Foodie Visiting NYC in May

Bought my copy of Zagat NYC and have been reading the Chowhound boards religiously for several weeks. Bringing my soon-to-be fiance to NYC (her first time since age 16) this May for a long weekend and am trying to put together the best options for dining.

We've got three nights for dinner and Babbo is an iron-clad no-brainer (I went to Lupa a few years back and had the best plate of pasta I've eaten in America). Also want to go to Ess-A-Bagel for bagel and lox one morning. Those onion bagels rock like Yngway Malmsteen used to.

Prune sounds interesting for Sunday brunch. Is it worth the bother to get there at 9:30am and wait outside before they open at 10am to try and minimize the time to get seated?

We'd like to do sushi one night and Sushi of Gari sounds like a great option for the omakase dinner. With a budget of $150-$200 for sushi are there other places to consider?

Also thinking of hitting Yakitori Taisho. We have no problem with mixing and matching dives with high-end places (though we'd like to avoid the really pretentious places). is Taisho worth sacrificing one of our three precious dinner appointments?

Would also like to mix-in a french bistro styled place. Looking for rthe definitive onion soup and a tarte tatin that would make you slap your mother.

Any other suggestions for a killer definitive NYC dinner for two 30-somethings is much appreciated . . . Thanks!

P.S. If anyone needs feedback on Dallas-area restaurants please contact me. I'm happy to help out.

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  1. I don't think Prune is worth the trouble on a short trip to NYC. I waited in line once, had a very good brunch, and then decided that it wasn't worth it to try it again. Other options: Danal, Jane (can make reservations), Deborah, good (also a wait, although not as long), Cafe Orlin.
    For French, you may want to try Artisanal. It's crowded and the service can be on the slow side, but I've always enjoyed the food. I haven't tried the french onion soup, but I really enjoyed the tarte tatin. Artisanal makes an even better cheescake.

    1. Hi Skedhead,

      for sushi, you might also consider Yasuda. However, you should call and make sure to be seated at the bar in front of Chef Yasuda.

      Good call on Babbo - one of my faves. I also really love Craft and Eleven Madison Park for a nice, upscale meal (however, I think my aunt told me that they are opening a 'craft' in Dallas, therefore, that might be a waste of time).

      For french bistro, I enjoyed Lucien (at first and first - the nexus of the universe!)

      Russ and daughters is famous for their lox and other smoked fish. I haven't been yet, but I've heard nothing but good things (mostly from this board).

      I liked Taisho, but I'm not sure it's worth one of the three nights you have. If you are looking for cheaper fare, Caracas Arepas is not too far away from that location.

      Lastly, I would recomment WD~50...its just so WEIRD and I've never been anywhere like it.

      Have a wonderful trip and please report back!!!

      1. Grab the onion bagel at ess-a-bagel and get the "lox" at Russ&Daughters (not belly lox but scottish, nova scotia, gaspe, wild pacific, gravlax or pastrami salmon). Gari is great but Yasuda beats it. The best tarte tatin is at La Luncheonette but the best onion soup is at Balthazar although I nearly got into a fistfight yesterday when someone claimed that Artisanal was better. By the way, I'll be in Dallas for a couple of days but then on to San Antonio by way of the "BBQ Trail". Any suggestions?

        1. Thanks to everyone for their feedback.

          Lots of good options to consider for brunch.

          Definitely will do the Ess-A-Bagel/Russ & Daughters "walking" bagels and lox combo . . . is their a park anywhere near to sit and eat bagels (my fiance and I will be in NYC in May so weather should (hopefully) be ideal?

          Any ideas for a great pizza? I've been to John's on Bleeker so that one's out. I'd like to try a new place.

          In regards to Dallas-area BBQ - for baby back ribs go directly to Baker's Ribs on Greenville Ave. Ambience is a zero but the ribs (and the brisket) are the best in the city. Some folks will recommend Peggy Sue BBQ but don't believe the hype. Sonny Bryan's is a longstanding fave (since the 1950's or so) but there's several locations and they;'re not all equally good - hit the original location on Harry Hines for lunch (they close at 4pm and the neighborhood is a bit dicey so you wouldn't want to be there after dark).

          1. We recently gave Prune another try after a not-so positive first experience last year. This time around I found my oyster omelet special to be a standout, complemented by their classic Bloody Mary.

            Anyway, we arrived a about 10:15 am on a Saturday and there were tables that were readily available for us, a party of 2. They did fill up at about 10:30ish and by then had people outside waiting in line.