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Feb 28, 2007 09:37 AM

Classy lunch spot to woo clients in Brooklyn?

I need to plan a luncheon to entertain major art collectors as well as honor a proflific feminist artist...any suggestions? Price is not an issue but quality of food and decor/ambience are PARAMOUNT!!

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  1. Definitely consider Tempo on 5th Avenue in Park Slope. Terrific food, excellent service and nice, subdued and classy ambience.

    Also, its a big enough space that you can fit a rather large party without a problem.

    1. Doesn't get much classier than the River Cafe!! Also, don't know if Five Front is open for lunch--it has a nice classy vibe and good food.

      1. Five Front is not open for lunch last time I checked - where is River Cafe?

        1. lots of places are *not* open for lunch, and I think that includes Tempo . . . although one could always ask about a special party I suppose. If I was doing that,
          I'd beg al di la to do something special for me. BEG! And tell them money is no object!
          It depends on what you mean by Special in the decor/amb dept. of course.

          Stone Park was doing lunches, I'm not sure if they still do. Certainly worth a call.
          It's very good food, classy, etc.
          Brooklyn Fish Camp does lunch - good quality fish in a relaxed upscale environ.

          I'd trust all of the above with my Art World needs . . .

          a dark horse idea...get Sheep Station to do their lamb and oysters thing for you. Def. not open for lunch during the week, but the (prolific female artist of a) chef would probably do something great for you. It's new - chic poured concrete bar, raw industrial materials used to good design spare beauty.
          The art show in the backroom is *not* ready for BMA's new wing tho . . . u.g.l.y.

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            Though Tempo's not open to the public for lunch, they rent out the restaurant for private parties. Last time I checked they don't charge extra for it.

          2. River Cafe is on Fulton's Landing (or more techinically on a barge docked at Fulton's Landing, right under the Brooklyn Bridge. It is just up the road from Five Front.