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Feb 28, 2007 09:09 AM

Dinner in Long Beach

Where's a good, moderately priced place for a nice dinner in LB? Would like a view of the water. Also, we have small children.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. It's called Christy's. My absolute favorite place in LB. A little dim for ambience, great food, nice drink menu and we had awesome service. Not very crowded making it (ok) for children, though I wouldn't necessarily say it's children friendly.

      1. if you want water view theres a few spots in alamitos bay- i would go with mckennas for a nicer experience and better food. theres also the crab pot which is good, probally more child friendly. then joes crab shack which should be avoided. If your downtown, check shoreline village theres yardhouse, and parkers lighthouse, then theres also a few generic spots like chili's/gladstones/pf changs in the pike.

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          I second Alamitos Bay- it's got a great view and will probably be less crowded than the Shoreline village area, especially if you have small children. (although if you go for an earlier meal time, you should be fine) I've had good luck with McKenna's service and the food is pretty good.

        2. Kids huh...View....moderately priced...

          Belmont Brewing co. is on the water.. prices are good, food is good. Outdoor isn't bad, even on chilly evenings they have outdoor fired, standing heaters, even blankets.

          We just went to Shoreline Village with the kiddies. Mexican food restaurant there is not bad, but not really memorable, Yard house is good but a bit crazy, Parkers Lighthouse is inconsistent, and there is the Springbok, a South African Pub but ive never had the food. Shops and arcade (very cool for kids) are close - Kids had a blast and the whole thing wraps around a marina, water views on both sides.

          Nothing in Naples or downtown north of Ocean is on the water.

          I have good luck with the kids at Berth 55 just over the 710 in the docks. They like watching the boats. I like the food - but the atmosphere is very "docklike". Fresh fish, crab, lobster, chowder, fish tacos.. Bring wipes.

          Might want to see the Queen Mary, have a decent meal there. (only for sunday brunch, not bad but expensive, great room) There is the Reef accross the water near the queen mary (never been) but the view of downtown and the relative quiet on that side is nice. My kids LOVE the queen mary.

          1. Buster's Beach House in Alamitos Bay is good for breakfast, but I have never had any other meal there. Nice view, by the water.