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Feb 28, 2007 09:04 AM

Viking 48" dual fuel range--grill or griddle

I am looking into a Viking 48" dual fuel range with 6 burners and two ovens. It comes with either a grill or a griddle/saute plate and I am wondering what are the pros and cons of each. Thanks!

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  1. We bought a Thermador 48" range a few years ago and opted for the griddle because we have a gas grill on a covered porch that gets used year-round and figured we didn't nead another grill. We don't miss the grill, but find that the griddle rarely gets used. Maybe if we had a bunch of kids that ate pancakes a lot . . . but otherwise our particular cooking style doesn't benefit from having a griddle, which takes a while to heat up and can be a pain to clean. If we had it to do over agin we'd opt for 8 burners, not so much because we ever have 8 things going at once, but rather to have the extra space to park pots and pans that don't need attention. I did have a house a while ago that had a separate KitchenAid grill that saw a lot of use in the winter because the outdoor gas grill was not a year-round proposition.

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      Does anyone own the GE MONOGRAM cooktop with the grill and griddle - 48"? How is the clean up on the grill/griddle? Other comments?

    2. We had a built-in grill in our range when I was growing up, and it was a *%&$# to clean. Fat always collected and caught on fire. Even when there wasn't fire, there was often smoke. Maybe our grill was particularly bad, but I think it's in the nature of these things, because they have so little room between the grill itself and the base.

      I'd go for the griddle and spring for a grill plan, which work much better for indoor grilling.

      1. I have a built-in 48" Viking cooktop w/ griddle and love it! Pancakes are about a twice a month option, but as a last minute dinner plate warmer the griddle is without equal. Lunchtime quesadillas or grilled cheese sandwiches are wonderful. I also use the griddle for crisping cooked bacon & sausages as well as keeping melted chocolate warm in an Apilco pitcher, ditto for a bowl of refried beans. When I'm frying eggs for a group I use the griddle instead of a pan, also wilt spinach etc on it. I've caramelized several onions on the griddle while attending to something else on a burner. I consider it a large saute pan and use it when need be.

        Please do not fret about keeping the griddle pristine clean - it is meant to be used and is not a showpiece. Mine is lovely and black, like a beloved cast iron skillet. Nothing sticks to it because I simply wipe down the warm surface with water and an occasional scrape. We had a repairman comment that it was really nice to see that we used our griddle because most are perfectly clean and unused, often covered with a board. It has been a joy and a "Do Again".

        I cannot speak to having an indoor grill since I use our outdoor grill regularly since I live in AZ. I did have a Jenn-Aire grill in a rented holiday house and vowed never to own one because of the afore-mentioned cleaning nightmare. The house was on Upper Captive Island and the freshly caught fish we grilled lived with us for days.

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          Oops - forgot to mention all the wonderful flatbreads ..... English (?) muffins, pita bread and tortillas are perfect for the comal, errr griddle.

        2. i am almost envious. i have a DCS rangetop with grill. havent used it and after the above mentioned cleaning nightmares doubt i ever will. a griddle would have been a good option. wonder if its too late to switch ? anyone know ?

          1. baloo, I think your decision has a lot to do with where you live, and if you have an outdoor grill.

            I have the 48" dual fuel Viking with 6 burners and the grill. I also purchased the optional griddle that sits on top of the grill. I feel that I have the best of both worlds. When I'm not using the grill, the griddle is always in place, and serves as a base for my metal utensils, my salt dish, and my pepper grinder.

            The grill is great, easy to clean (all parts are dishwasher safe, and there are no lava-type rocks - it's Weber-type metal bars). The heat/flame control is terrific, and I've used it quite a bit in the seven years I've had it.

            I use it during the winter, when it's too cold/snowy to stand around the gas grill, and I use it during the summer, when it's too hot and humid to breathe outdoors.

            I do sometimes think it would be nice to have the griddle, but only for use as a simmer plate.

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              There's an optional griddle that sits on the grill??????????????????? I better check out the site. Maybe that's the way for me to.

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                Here it is, KingsKetz. I notice that it's suitable only for open gas burners, not sealed units.

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                  If I read it correctly, it's usable only over the burners of the dual fuel stove (I have the non-sealed burners btw) not over the grill portion. It's for the side burners on the Viking Grill which I take to mean the outdoor grill. Do you use one of these??

                  ...I just re-read what you wrote and it seems you place it over the grill on your 48" Viking...right? Is it stable for use as a griddle -- not just as a resting spot for condiments etc. <s>

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                    Sorry - my original post was a bit misleading. I place the griddle over one section of burners - not over the grill - when in operation as a griddle. When my grill is not being used, however, I do place the griddle over the grill area to hold my utensils, etc. I have unsealed burners (sealed units weren't available when I purchased the unit). And no, I do not own a Viking outdoor grill.

                    The griddle is extremely stable and quite heavy.

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                  It looks like if you go on the viking web site under gas & dual fuel accessories it is available for either open or sealed burners (maybe the size is a little different or something).