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Feb 28, 2007 09:02 AM

Going to La Ciccia

Ttile says it all. Any must haves? The baby squid looked good. Thanks!

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  1. I went in January and very much enjoyed a ricotta appetizer (a special that night), gnochetti and boar stew. The wine list had great value Sardinian wines by the glass and service was quite friendly.

    1. Anything with bottarga. Long-simmered pasta sauces, braised entrees. Pizza's OK but not on the same level as the other stuff. There are some very serious older bottles on the wine list.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        We'll get the pizza for our 6 year-old but pasta & entrees for us. Once again, thanks!

        1. re: Calvinist

          Calvinist, we followed exactly that strategy when we went to La Ciccia with our own 6 year old. We ordered his pizza as soon as we were seated and it came up right away, which was great. There were 3 other tables with kids there, so they are definitely used to accommodating families.

          Enjoy your dinner! The next time we go we'll surely order the malloreddus (gnocchetti).

      2. We were there last night and had a fabulous time. House cured salumi was very good, but perhaps better for a large table than for two. My house made squid ink pasta special with mussels and lobster was incredibly good. They do something with freshly ground fennel seeds that is just magical. The pasta was absolutely perfect. I wasn't wild about the boar stew though.

        The room was a little chilly given the cold snap we've had lately. I would recommend wearing a sweater or something that will keep you warm.

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        1. re: China

          They get special fennel from Sardinia. Also special bottarga.

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            Squid ink pasta with mussels and lobster? That sounds soooo good.

          2. Aha! Next time I'll have to try the bottarga.

            1. Quick update. Went last night.

              Best dish of the night was the squid ink pasta -- great sea brine flavor, almost like you get with Uni sushi. Also had Monterey Sardines marinated in lemon and olive oil. Very nice bright lemon flavor.

              Had glasses of the Dolcetto Madonna di Como Pietro Rinaldi, which had a nice fruitiness, and the Cannonau di Sardegna Le Bombarde Santa MLP. It had a great "peasanty" character, I would guess the grape was something like Carignan.

              As some other posters have described, this is a small place, with a very friendly staff. I'm quite happy to have it in our neck of the woods.