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Feb 28, 2007 08:59 AM

Dine In Brooklyn 2007

Just got an email from applewood announcing their participation in this year's Dine In Brooklyn, March 20-March 30.

Does anyone have official information as to who else is participating? applewood was fantastic last year--and so were the two $10 gift certificates they gave us for coming--hope they do that again this year...

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  1. says it will have the list up tomorrow

    1. Let's hope the restaurants that choose to participate give it their best. In past years, there have been horror stories about inferior prix-fixe menus for RW, customers intimidated into ordering from the regular menu, etc. If Applewood is participating, assume they'll fully book by the end of the first day reservations are taken. Despite that, you might want to take advantage of their restaurant week menu, without reservations, by "standing by" for bar seating. We had a very pleasant experience this way last year.

      1. A suggestion, if they're participating again this year:
        A friend and I went to River Cafe last year for lunch during DIB and had a wonderful time. The place was nearly full and almost everyone seemed to be ordering the DIB menu, but the staff was as gracious and attentive as if we were the usual high-paying customers. The three-course menu was delicious and inventive; I seem to remember a creamy tomato soup under a puff pastry dome, followed by ricotta-stuffed ravioli with an oxtail sugo. Really fun and the view is, of course, lovely, even without the sparkly lights of evening. A fun option for DIB if you can lunch in Dumbo.

        1. As much as I love "Resturant Weeks," I've noticed that some places jack up their normal prix fixe menus. Places like Scotto Ditto, and 2nd Street Cafe have regular prix fixes that are usually less than the RW menus.