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Feb 28, 2007 08:49 AM

What to order at Crustacean

Know I'm in for it asking this -- but going Crustacean for dinner. Never been. Wondering if anyone has any recs.

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    But if you must go, they are know for their galic crab and noodles.


    1. I liked it when I went there in the early 90s, but I've never heard a single restaurant be so reviled on these boards.

      If you do go, get the Ahn's garlic noodles. They were good, at least they were 13 years ago.

        1. re: ttriche

          That's exactly what I was gonna say!

        2. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

          If you have to go anyway, I would also recommend the garlic crab and garlic noodles. If someone else is paying, go ahead and have them crack the crab for you, along with the extra charge (they just bash it with a hammer in a few places).

          The other recommendation is if multiple people are going to have crab at the table, I suggest ordering them one at a time. I hate eating half a cold crab, because it takes a while for one person to go through a crab. So if 2 people are going to eat 2 crabs, just order one to start, and tell your server to put in the order for the 2nd crab once you receive the first one. Then, you and your partner eat half of each crab. This way, you'll always be eating hot crab! This only works if you're dating, or related, or really good friends. If it's your boss, I would probably not suggest this (unless you're dating, related or really good friends! )

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            Thanks. Brilliant suggestion on the crab. Backing out not an option so trying to make the best of it by at least ordering well.

          2. At least after you've heard "run away run away" so many times you'll be nothing but pleasantly surprised.

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