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Feb 28, 2007 08:47 AM

Bangkok must eat places

Hello I will be in Bangkok next week as part of my Honeymoon. I am looking for places that you feel would be a must to try. I am not too fussed about eating high end, and in fact love street food. I was there in September and have the following places already in mind but have a couple of questions, so if anyone could anwer them I would be grateful
1. Sarah-Jane's Sindhorn building. I love the food here and its mostly Issan however I have only been at lunchtime not for dinner. Has anyone been in the evening and if so how does it compare?
2. Soi Tonson behind the Sindhorn building, I have read about this street being a gold mine in terms of street food esp at lunchtime. Anyone got any experineces they want to share?
3. Soi Polo- Jay Kee. Now this one confuses me. Some people rave about it especially the SomTam others say it is awful- what do people think? Again is it better at lunch or dinner in terms of the fried chicken.
4. Hemlock- I have been here and quite liked it although it is more more touristy than other places. I thought it would be a good first night place to take my new hubby as he has not been to Thailand before..
5.Roti Mataba for breakfast- banana roti yumyum.
6. Chote Chitr- went twice last time and thought it tasty but not couldn't tell if that was because of the hype..
7. Places I want to try- Khrua Apsorn and Khrua Rommai. I would appreciate suggestions on whihc dishes to try.

I also am keen to have Miang Kham (?) starter and know you can buy it in packages from street vendors, does anyone know where? By the way, we have four days so I make that at least 12 meals to account for!

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  1. I'm the Polo Chicken dissenter.
    I've tried it, about once a year, and haven't had decent food there for years.

    I finally made it to Somboon Seafood's Silom store.
    They have terrific curried crab and stir fried morning glory.
    This branch is at the corner of Surawong and Narithiwat Ratchanakrin.
    Be careful; do to its popularity with tourists, many drivers are paid to take you to sound alike restaurants.

    Lek Seafood, under the Chong Nonsi skytrain platform, is a great local seafood experience.

    My favorite vegetarian, anywhere, is from a stall at United Center's 3rd floor foodcourt.
    This foodcourt is open for lunch, weekdays.
    United Center is on Silom, across from Bangkok Christian Hospital.

    My link will offer photos of these and other suggestions:

    1. Sorry

      the link to the pictures and suggestions is

      1. I went to Krua Rommai a few weeks ago on a Saturday night, and was very disappointed. People were right that the pak bung (morning glory) was excellent, but that was it. The nam prik num was okay, spicy, but lacked any depth. Worst of all, the chicken was fairly dry and tasteless--not terrible, but completely ordinary and not freshly made. The staff and service were also very disinterested and unfriendly. Maybe it was a bad Saturday night, but there wasn't any reason to recommend it.

        Other spot to enjoy in evenings would be the beginning of Suk Soi 38 (across from Thong Lo), which has several stalls. We ate nice pad see ew and the sticky rice with mango vendor immediately to the right as you turn into soi 38 was awesome. We did a taste test with the one on Thong Lo (across Suk) -- on the left as you enter Thong Lo, about 2 doors down, with fruit out front -- and the first one I mentioned was much better.

        I ate at Sara Janes in the evening several years ago, and it was very good, but that was a long time ago.

        1. curt,
          glad you finally made it to sonboom.
          The curried crab is fantastic!
          Don't know if you read my report that we indeed were taken to a place called sonboomdee, and had we not eaten at sonboom before, we probably would have been scammed.
          So beware!
          Agree with the foodcourts.
          Great way to eat streetood in sanitary conditions.
          Our best meal of the trip was Cyan.
          I think I did a detailed revue here..
          May have been the night, but the meal was exceptional by any world standard.