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Feb 28, 2007 08:02 AM

Radius tonight- what's the scoop?

While well-fed from some of the best and brightest neighborhood spots/hidden gems, I haven't often cashed out on our fine-dining scene, save for Craigie Street (*sigh*).
So how IS Radius? Any recommendations? Wine or cocktails? Dinner or apps?

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  1. the service is excellent, the mark-ups on the wine list are insane and i've always found the food to be underwhelming. i seem to be in the minority here, but i'd pass.

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      I must slightly disagree, I've found the wines by the glass list to be rather impressive and well-priced, but I'm no expert. I had the tasting menu once and, for the most part, was quite happy with it.

    2. At Radius:
      (Ignoring my burger-at-the-bar comments on a different thread for the moment)

      Start with a Gazebo Martini
      Entree: Slow-Roasted Rib-eye (one of my top 5 dishes in the city)

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        On the other hand, I found their slow-roasted rib-eye practically inedible because it is so thoroughly, overwhelmingly, nauseatingly saturated with rosemary, an herb I personally can't stomach (except, strangely, in small doses on french fries). They don't mention this on the menu, alas - if they had I would have been spared the torture and could have ordered something else.

        That unfortunate choice aside, my overall take on the place was: decor sublime, service superb, food overly pretentious and suffering from too much "creativity for creativity's sake," with not enough attention to the end result.

      2. Last week, I went for the first time in about a year (took a bunch of clients). While good, the food was certainly not transcendent (overcooked sweetbreads? A crime against nature).

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            I was away when you posted that review last August. Thanks Slim for the detailed rundown and for providing a link.

            And Bob -- "overcooked sweetbreads" made me get genuinely sad.

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              any time i offer my contrary opinion on radius here, i get trounced. your dreary dinner review sounds suspiciously like my last few visits. luckily i was being taken out for business, so it wasn't my dime.

              as for the wine mark-ups, i gave up on the place when a red burgundy i know wholesales for $14 was on their list for $85. despicable.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                I have had some extraordinary meals at Radius, but that was years ago, when they first opened. They appear to have been coasting for a long while now. The "phantom pour" incident at the bar really put me off of cocktails there, which I had always enjoyed.

                With your insider's perspective, you ought to do a blog that exposes the most overpriced wine lists in the city. That would be a great public service! I wonder: are there any publicly available wholesale wine price guides?

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  the commonwealth requires all wholesalers to publish their prices monthly -- but that book is only available by subscription, and only to restaurants and stores. even that isn't a bible, because side deals get made all the time.

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                    I did a bit for Boston's Weekly Dig a couple of weeks back on places whose food I like and that I think offer wines at pretty reasonable markups: Silvertone, Taberna de Haro, Les Zygomates. But I wonder what a pro thinks: who are the real bargain purveyors of wine in town, and not just in the budget price range?

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                      that seems a hijack here, but i'd be happy to email you or if you want to start a new thread?