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Feb 28, 2007 07:59 AM

Good, Casual Restaurants in Kensington?

I'll be at a party in May in Kensington (500 people--should be pretty crazy!) and will be looking for good breakfast, lunch, and dinner places in the area, since I will probably be there for at least two nights. Any suggestions? Casual and reasonable priced places are preferred. Thanks!

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  1. On Courtelyou near CIA is Picket Fence, another place that opened up and bookstore cafe Vox Pop.

    Jinuk on Church and McDonald for Bangladeshi.

    Cheskel's Shwarma King 13th ave

    1. E&R on the corner of Church Ave & E 11th St has delicous home-cooked Haitian food, although I'm no judge of authenticity! Try the curry goat.

      1. Unfortunately for us Kensington/Windsor Terrorists, Cortelyou on that side of CIA isn't Kensington. If only (Picket Fence, Farm on Adderly, Cinco de Mayo). There's not much that fits the description of nice sitdown restaurant over here. We tend to go to upper 7th/5th ave or further out in Bklyn for dinner ourselves. I'll certainly try the places mentioned. Where exactly is the Shwarma King??