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Feb 28, 2007 07:44 AM

Late lunch/cocktails Pasadena?

A few friends would like to meet up around 3:00 in Pasadena. Any suggestions on a place for 3 girlfriends to meet up for a late lunch, or appetizers and cocktails? thanks!

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  1. Magnolia (south Lake). Great space, yummy food, good drinks.

    1. There is a wine bar upstairs at the Paseo Colorado, on Colorado and Los Robles. Bodega Wine Bar? I went once with friends for drinks and appetizers. It was busy, but I forget which day of the week it was. Parking is easy too, as there is a lot underneath the Paseo, that is accessible from Colorado Blvd. You will also have easy access to shopping afterwards.

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        It looks like Pasadena is the original location, and there is one in Santa Monica too. :)

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          It's not a true wine bar in terms of a range of quality--all wines (and there are quite a few) are $8 a glass--decent pour. The space is nice though.

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            The one in Santa Monica is hot, but parking can be a hassle. We were fortunate enough to find parallel parking last time, but if that's not available, unlike Paseo, valet's the only fall-back.

        2. thanks so much! looks like we'll give that a shot

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            Great. :) We had a nice time, and the appetizers were decent. We did not eat lunch-- just apps and drinks-- but they have lunch too, I believe. The prices were reasonable. Have fun. :)

          2. McCormick and Schmicks has a great happy hour. Amazing prices on the food, interesting drink menu and you can definitely hang around with your friends and talk.


            1. Tapas ought to be a good choice. I got drinks and tapas w/ some of my gal pals at Bar Celona in Old Town and we had plently of fun. There's also La Luna Negra nearby which I heard serves pretty good tapas as well

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                I've been to La Luna Negra -- the food and wine are good, it's got a lot of space, but if you're there for dinner, it gets really loud. I also thought it was slightly overpriced -- not enough to stop me from returning, but enough to be annoying.