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Feb 28, 2007 07:44 AM

Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches in NYC

Do they exist?

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  1. Never heard of it but sounds GREAT... looked it up on wikepedia:

    I'll be watching for a place that serves it... how does it compare w phillly cheese steak?

    1. Years ago, you could find medium rare shaved beef slices reheated in a beef/green pepper gravy (that's a Chicago style Italian beef sandwich) served on a hoagie roll at Wall street area Italian deli restaurants without any seating on the premises. It's a great item for a corporate cafetaria, and that's where it'd be easiest to find nowadays, if you can sneak in to a Sohexo cafe serving it.

      1. The Italian Beef i had while in Chicago was of a much higher quality than any philly cheese steak I've ever had. It was also far tastier than anything a sohexo could ever dish out. Looks like I'll have to resort to this:

        1. Hi, I'm a Chicagoan and our Italian Beef is the BEST. I'm not crazy about Al's though, to me there is a weird flavor to their gravy that's not authentic. I would go right to the source where many stands get the beef and gravy from) although it looks like their ordering page is down, you might try calling them? Also, Portillo's ships a whole kit with everything you need: beef, gravy, rolls, pepper. Mmmmmm. Make my dry with extra hot!