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Feb 28, 2007 07:37 AM

Tallahassee area Seafood

I am looking for a good restaurant for Seafood in the area on Friday. I can't eat anything fried (gave it up for lent) and was wondering what everyone though of my local options. I am not a big fan of Barnacle Bill's and have not been to the new Wharf.

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  1. Hi there! I did my undergrad at FSU. There's this great place out on Capital Circle called Calico Jack's Seafood House and Oyster Bar - 2745 Capital Circle N.E. 385-6653. If you order oysters, the bar tenders shuck them right in front of you (and they're huge), but they have a myriad of other seafood as well. The best part is you can order almost everything grilled, steamed, boiled, broiled or raw! No problems for lent!

    1. Kool Beanz on Thomasville Road, on the way into town, has lots of seafood fixed all kinds of ways; also inventive side dishes. Some of the best food in town. It will be crowded on Friday night. For fancier fixins try Georgio's in Carriage Gate Center at Thomasville Road and I-10. Lots of fresh fish, and I don't think any of it is fried.