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Jules (Spadina & Richmond)

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The SO is working at this junction and we're meeting up for a quick lunch at Jules next week. I've read some older reviews here about this place, all very positive. Has anyone gone more recently? Any comments? Is a 1 hour lunch too rushed for this place?

Also, are there any other lunch recs within a 5 minute walk from Richmond and Spadina for a 1 hour lunch break (already planning ahead, you can see).

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Crush is at King and Spadina. I used to work there. They had an excellent lunch menu, but I'm not sure how it is now. The chefs have changed since I was a cook there

    1. Tutti Matti at 364 Adelaide W (just E. of Spadina). They have a 3 course prix fixe for only $11. Excellent value! Everything made in house & taste good.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! Tutti Matti was our second choice (because I've been there for dinner and wanted to try something "new"), so we will have to save that for next time. Crush's menu looks great but it's a little out of our price range for a casual lunch :P

      2. I posted this review on January 9th:

        Had lunch at Jules last week -- their frites may well be the best in the GTA! Really perfect. They also serve SP Limonata, which is my favourite "pop" so that gets them a bonus point. However, the steak part of the steak frites was disappointing. First time out, the steak was overcooked (I ordered medium-rare to rare but received well done); the second try, it came rare but was unimpressive. For some reason, the server (who is prone to winking a lot) told me that the steak would be "thick" but it was quite thin (as is usual for steak frites). My companions gave their quiche lorraine and club sandwiches good, but not excellent, reviews. Lunch for 3 including pop and coffee came to $50. They were "out" of asparagus crepes that day, unfortunately.

        1. My favourite place when I was working at Queen and Spadina was Fusaro's, the little Italian place. Really fresh Italian flavours, and also, a very good Greek salad. Gandhi for roti was another favourite, but that was usually an hour and half for lunch because we went in a group and filled the placue up.
          ...oh man, I really miss working at Queen and Spadina...

          1. Fusaro's is hands-down the best option in that area, I used to work around there too. I don't miss the area as much as I miss Fusaro's!

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              Thanks for all the feedback.

              We went to Jules today and I'm not a big fry fanatic, but I have to say that I loved their fries. Skinny, crisp, salted... mmm... and to think I almost got just a salad (the waiter suggested getting a half salad and a half order of fries, very glad I did). I had the ham and cheese quiche (lorraine?), it was also yummy. The SO had a sandwich, it was huge and on very crusty bread. He seemed to enjoy it.

              I'd go back. I just have to try Fusaro's and Tutti Matti for lunch first :P

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                a place that i still haven't been able to make it to yet, but i send friends and they really enjoy it, is r-shop. it's at king and spadina a touch west and the people there are adorable. food can be described as japanese homey and isn't knock your socks off but goes over well because it's relatively inexpensive.

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                Fusaro's is horrible. Ask any Italians out there. Went once, and never looked back!
                Arrivederci, falsificazione idiots...

              3. Stopped into Jules today for a Saturday afternoon bite, and was very disappointed. We both had croque-monsieur: one thin slice of black forest ham, a creamy sauce, two thick layers of pre-sliced Italian sandwich-style bread, and the mildest possible emmentaler on top, and for some reason a sprinkle of dry herbs. The sauce (sort of a cross between a bechamel and garlic-margarine-spread) was cold, and made the bread sodden. Only one side had been halfheartedly toasted, while the other was cool to the touch. Even the mayonnaise was poor.

                Is this place always so bad? It looked so nice, I still can't believe how poor the food was.

                1. Stopped by Jules this past Sunday for lunch with a couple of friends, and I must say that i truly enjoyed it.

                  It wasn't too busy at the time (due to the rain outside), but for being a first timer at Jules, and a trying to find something that reminded me of paris, this fit the bill.

                  With an great sized chalkboard menu that covered the entire length of the restaurant (they hand them out too) opposite the brick interior and open concept kitchen, I knew I liked it from the start.

                  The head chef came out to greet a few of the regular customers (who were all speaking in French) really out did himself. Simple presentation. Clean plating.The onion soup was nice, light, not overly salty, and just right as a side to my leek and carmelized onion quiche. The pastry was crisp, done just right, and the filling was nicely flavoured. there were also some freshly made apricot tarts (fresh out of the ovent!), but we decided not to venture at the time. definaetly, next time.

                  will definaetly be there again soon.