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Feb 28, 2007 06:45 AM

Jalapenos in Annapolis - What to order?

Bride has heard good things and wants to try Jalapenos in Annapolis for her birthday. What should we order? Two non-fussy kids will be with us.

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  1. This is probably coming too late, but I gotta say, Jalapenos seemed just like your average Mexican restaurant to me. Nothing wrong with the food, but no reason to go out of my way to return. Please report back after the big occasion.

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    1. re: Denise

      I disagree...there are a number of spanish choices on the menu, not just your typical tacos/enchilladas/burritos and free salsa mexican. Now, I've only been there twice, and both times were for work related lunch, so I haven't gotten a chance to really dig into the menu, but the chorizo from the small plates section of the menu stick out in my memory as being delicious. The menu is pretty extensive though, and covers a wide range of both Spanish and Mexican while it may not be worth a long trip, if you are in the area it's a interesting place to go. (though in a very unlikely location...dingy shopping center next to a Old Country Buffet.)

      Here is a peek at their menu from the website if anybody is curious:
      That's only a subsection of their tapas menu, the whole menu with the full sized entrees is several pages long.

      1. re: wawajb

        I'm somewhere in between on Jalapenos. Some of their small plates are very good -- the ground veal empanadas and the two different mushroom dishes -- protabello and wild mushrooms. Also the chips and salsa are not free, which doesn't sit well with me. But it's certainly better than a standard Mexican chain-type restaurant, but even though I live close, I never crave anything there enough to want to go.

      2. re: Denise

        Thanks to all who responded. Bride and I, plus the kids, enjoyed Jalapenos. Kids even asked us to put it on our "return list."
        The food was tasty, but I can't say it was very authentic. (Lived in Spain and travel to Mexico more times than I can count.) Kids loved the empanadas, bechamel croquettes, and gambas al ajillo. Chorizo tapas and steak in "cabrales" sauce were disappointing. Wife and I enjoyed the rack of lamb rubbed in rosemary and sitting in mole. Desserts, including flan, were average.
        The entree menu tended heavily toward seafood or items with mole. The service was friendly and efficient, and the ambience was pleasant, considering the space. Reservations a must.
        Good, but not great. I'd go back, but not for a while.