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Feb 28, 2007 06:40 AM

Rehearsal dinner in SFV or Pasadena rec needed

hi chowhounds-
i'm trying to help my aunt & cousin find a place for a rehearsal dinner for this coming december.
the requirements are:
-in the Valley or in Pasadena.
-a private room to accomodate approx 40-50 people
-perhaps some sort of ethnic food
-not too pricey


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  1. You can do a rehearsal dinner at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills. It may be pricey-- I do not know. My friend did her rehearsal there, and another friend actually held a small wedding there. They have different rooms, and a view of the Valley.

    1. Check out The Rocco room (associated with Cafe Santorini) and see what they can do with the menu. I went a rehearsal dinner there about month ago -- had 3 different entree selections (salmon, steak or their butternut squash entree) - I selected the steak and it was a bit disappointing, although, others raved about their fish and vegetarian entree.

      1. The El Cholo in Pasadena.

        I'm probably going to get some flak for this recco, so let me start by saying this: I'm no fan of their food (I only ever eat 3 things there: the green corn tamales and their tortilla or albondigas soup). I find everything else is subpar, unless you think of it less as Mexican food and more as the pocho food that it is.

        Anyway, as an event location, this place seems to have everything you're looking for.