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Feb 28, 2007 06:14 AM


Hi hounds!!

I am trying to locate some places to try rotis-an Indian flatbread stuffed with curry. Prefer DC, MoCo, HoCo, and B'more locales, but could travel to NoVa if need be. Metro friendly is a plus for lunch.


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  1. The Malaysian place on 19th and M downtown.

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    1. re: rpd

      Could you please provide name of place?

      1. re: MrsWheatie

        Malaysia Kopitiam I'm guessing, but Penang right by there also has it. If you search both of those on this board, reviews will pop up. But basically Malaysia Kopitiam is a low key very "ethnic" place, while Penang is the flashier place. I go to Malaysia Kopitiam for a quick, cheap eat (with huge portions); whereas Penang is definately more of a restaurant that you'd go to for a nicer dinner.

    2. Trinidad Gourmet in Waverly (Baltimore) is great carryout (no seating) with great Roti. There Veggie-Roti is great, they have a great selection of unique food. It is on 31st Street at Greenmount Ave.

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        Trinidad gourmet really is amazing. The fish, shrimp and goat rotis are also very good. I can't stay away from this place. No tables, but they do have a counter and stools.

      2. They serve a selection at Negril in downtown Silver Spring.

        1. Please try Sweet Mango's on New Hampshire Avenue, NW @Petwork metro station. They have everything from king fish, salt fish & ackee to roti. Also there's a nice restaurant, The Islander @ 1201 U St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 202-234-4955. They're supposed to have good roti and my West Indian friends like both these restaurants and you know they are a particular bunch (as they should be) when it comes to their food.

          1. Have you tried Teddy's Roti shop? It is just south of Silver Spring at 7414 Georgia Ave N.W. in D.C. It is the best roti I've tried down here so far since moving from Brooklyn last summer (it's no Nio's in Flatbush but it will do down here). Much better than Negril in Silver Spring. But make sure they give you some extra hot sauce. I think the woman who runs the place doesn't like spicy food, so she usually skimps unless you really let her know you want it.