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Feb 28, 2007 06:03 AM

Downtown Los Gatos - fast, cheap, good?

My son and I need to make an excursion down to Los Gatos tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I want to grab a quick, but good dinner while I am there.

We'd be open to any non-fine-dining alternative, from Vietnamese, to Mexican to burgers, whatever.

I've done a search and mostly come up with higher-end places (we won't be going to Manresa this time, sadly).

Any thoughts? I'd like to get in and out in about 30 minutes, and it'll be around 7 PM on a Thursday...

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  1. on my list to go: Main Street Burgers for burgers and frozen custard, garlic fries, sweet potatoe fries, Arnold Palmer drink.

    Main Street Burgers
    20 S. Santa Cruz Ave.
    Los Gatos, CA 95032
    (408) 354-1881

    Please report back wherever you end up.

    Alice's report:

    1. Thanks for finding my report, hhc. We've been to MSBurgers several times since, and it's always the same dependable good fast food, I'd say our favorite spot for a quick cheap meal in dowtown LG. Here's my round up of the other places I've tried for fast cheap downtown LG:

      I also like Pizza My Heart quite a bit. It's not quite NY-style pizza (and some of their topping combos are more hippy Santa Cruz than NY), but it's close enough in my book. Get it by the slice if you're in a rush, or whole pie if you're hungry. Willow St Pizza is also good for Cal style pizza baked in wood ovens, though it tastes more like a chain (ie safe bland pizzas) than Pizza My Heart does, and it's more like 1 hr than 30 minutes.

      Andale has Cal style (aka yuppiefied) burritos, this is another mini-chain. There are 2 Andales in LG, one on each side of S Santa Cruz Ave.; I can't remember which one is the faster one, it's the one with counters instead of tables. Years ago I used to like this kind of healthy take on burritos, but since then I've had real carnitas, real al pastor etc, and so when I recently tried the Andale in LG, it just seems so overpriced and overbland.

      I didn't like La Boulangerie's boring sandwiches and weak coffee.

      I loved the hot chocolate at Fleur de Cocoa, very rich stuff. V. pricy desserts.

      All of these are within 1 or 2 blocks of the S Santa Cruz/Main Street corner. That's all I can remember of what I've tried.

      1. Great - thanks! It sounds like Main Street Burgers is going to be just the ticket...

        1. As a followup, we did indeed go to Main Street Burgers. At first I was nervous at the "Lori's Diner" type decor (very bright dineresque design), but they do serve real burgers (angus beef) on good white buns, with great tomatoes and lettuce. Expensive (two burgers, one shake and one order of sweet-potato fries was $24!), but this is Los Gatos, so I factored in the 100% upcharge and didn't sweat it.

          Overall a good recommendation - thank you! We were in and out in 30 minutes, so the timing was spot on!

          Recommended if you want a relatively quick, and relatively inexpensive (for Los Gatos) and non-chain dinner sometime...