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Feb 28, 2007 05:56 AM

Any recent takes on Aquagrill?

It's been some time since I've been and I was considering a return visit. I'm sure the raw bar is still fantastic, but how's the kitchen doing?

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  1. the best!!! One of my favorites, however, appetizers are bad and portions are small.

    1. I was at Aquagrill a few weeks ago and it was very good. I have eaten at Aquagrill numerous times over the years and remain surprised how consistent they are, not an easy accomplishment when you are serving fresh seafood. I personally find that their simpler dishes, like their cod or scallops, work better for me than some of their more complex dishes, a testament to the quality of the fish and oysters.

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        Aquagrill is the BEST! It will not disappoint!

      2. we went there in the late-afternoon/early-evening (like 4:45 or so) for oysters a few weeks ago on a Saturday...yes, the oysters were excellent, as was the tuna carpaccio appetizer...the service was on the annoying side though: the host had no idea how to do his job:

        Me: Can we eat at those (bar area) tables?
        Host: Sorry i don't *think* we're serving there now. I'm not sure.
        Me: Can we eat at the bar?
        Host: I'm not sure. There's a bar menu but i'm not sure what we're serving now.
        Me: Well, how about you check and find out?

        The bartender was also a little snide...just not a very friendly, welcoming vibe overall...

        The meal was tasty but i was surprised by all the attitude and cluelessness...i get better service and oyster selection at the GCOB every time...

        1. IMHO, AquaGrill has gotten a wee-suburban. One of the best raw bars now, close to AquaGrill, is Giorgionne on Spring. And the best Jeruselum Artichoke in NYC.

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            hmm, never heard of it...i shall check it out!

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              I know I was the op, but I'll second the Giorgione raw bar, not to mention the pizza. BTW, thanks to all who replied on my original question.