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Feb 28, 2007 05:33 AM

Split Pea Soup - what did I do wrong??

I made split pea soup this weekend in my slow cooker - a combo of recipes from my slow cooking Lightly cookbook and when it cooled it turned into this big semi-solid BLOB of green! I thought fine, it's like gravy - more solid when cool. but it didn't re-liquify when I microwaved it. I added about 1/2 cup water and stirred, and then it was liquid enough to eat, but still REALLY thick. This is only my second attempt at making split pea soup, and last time it did the same thing. the ingredients were:
1 (16 oz) pckg split peas
1/2 ham slice cubed small
3 carrots sliced
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 potatoes cubed fine
chicken broth to cover - about 3 cans
cooked about 7 hours, then I pureed a bit of it w/ my stick blender (love that gadget!)

why is it sooo thick? my hubby wouldn't even eat it! :(


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  1. Probably the potatoes, I've never heard of potatoes in split pea soup. I also add some milk after pureeing to get it to the right consistancy. I know there are tricks to adapting recipes to crock pots, can't remember more or less liquid?

    1. Over heat, try thinning it out with a 50% water & 50% broth solution. Dilute it slowly until you get to the consistency that you want.

      1. No potatoes and it is supposed to be thick but you could add stock or water to get it to a thickness you both find acceptable

        1. I add potato to my split pea soup occasionally, and it works fine. One might have been enough, though. But I think the problem is that you didn't have nearly enough liquid. You don't want it just to cover. You need several inches of liquid above the peas. As they're softening, they absorb the liquid, so you didn't have any left over to make it soupy. Next time try twice as much liquid, or even more. To have enough room for it, you'll need at least a 6 qt slow cooker if you're using a 16 oz bag of peas.

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          1. re: AmyH

            Agreed. I would expect a 16 oz bag of peas to make enough soup for an army. You needed WAY more liquid.

            1. re: danna

              For a pound of peas, you'd need about 4 or 5 QUARTS of liquid.

            2. re: AmyH

              I add a potato too. No problem. The only variable that I can see is the amount of water, and that would come from whatever liquids you add and the cooked veggies. Is the taste OK? If so, try adding water or broth until it becomes the consistency you want. Did you remove the fat from the ham?

            3. Yup - as others have said, you didn't have near enough liquid, especially with potatoes as well as the split peas.

              That said, my split pea soup usually does solidify when refrigerated, and leftovers have to be heated with a generous amount of additional water or stock in order not to scorch.