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Feb 28, 2007 05:05 AM

Livingston, NJ - restaurant for party

I'm looking for a restaurant in Livingston that can do a party for around 60 people, for under $30 a person. It's a Saturday night in June. I'm flexible on what kind of food.... Any thoughts on where to begin? I don't know the area at all. Thanks!

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  1. Nero's Grille can probably do it. Italian and seafood, kind of clubby, decent room. Not "foodie" type food, but a mainstay in the area.
    Give more details. Age group? Wine? Any cuisine excluded?

    1. Ages range from kids to 85 year olds (it's for any out of towners coming to our wedding - kind of a rehearsal dinner). Wine doesn't matter (byo would be fine). I don't want to count anything out considering I know I'm on a budget - but I'm looking for general crowd pleasers - american, italian...

      I'm willing to do a more casual cuisine if the foods really good - chinese? brick oven pizza?

      The biggest issuses for me are price, and location since I couldn't pick out Livingston on a map if I tried!

      1. Livingston is bounded by East Hanover, West Orange, Roseland, and Millburn.
        It is about 15-20 minutes from Newark Airport.

        I recommend Pal's Cabin in nearby West Orange, which has a nice sized party room, and a variety of steaks, burgers, and seafood, relatively reasonable, although on the high end of your price range if people order steak. it is 5 minutes from Livingston.

        Ravello's, which is in East Hanover, a mile or so from Livingston, has a nice room, serves good Italian food, and will be easy for your guests to find, as it is close to Route 10, Route 280, and Eisenhower Parkway.

        Have fun!