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Feb 28, 2007 04:49 AM

Cambridge to Logan

Sorry for the last-minute nature of the request: D.C. Hound here. I'm not infrequently in Cambridge, with time for only a single meal before a cab ride to the Airport -- as I will be this evening. If I don't catch a bite in Cambridge itself (Tamarind?), is there someplace that's a "must eat" between Cambridge and Logan at which a cab could drop me? Requirements: It must be a fairly quick meal -- on the order of 60-90 minutes, say. It has to be at a restaurant where I'll be able to quickly find another cab to the airport after dinner. And it should, of course, be delicious. Bonus points for something that's unique to Boston or that I could not otherwise get at the same level in D.C. Based on earlier raves here, I've had O Cantinho high on my "must try" list for some time. Is that a possibility (I've no idea where it is)? If so, is it still one of the best cheap eats in Boston?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. O Cantinho is not such a bad idea. The street that it is on should have frequent taxi traffic. And you can get the pasteis de nata (sp?) to take on the plane or walk over to Christina's ice cream and get a cone for the taxi ride. You will definitely have enough time.

    If you're thinking primarily about Portuguese food, you could go to O Cantinho's older, richer sibling, Atasca. Similar dishes, bigger menu, a bit more expensive but still a deal. It's in Kendall Square - lots more taxi traffic (many nearby hotels) - and a quick ride to the airport.

    You could consider East Coast Grill in Inman Square (near O Cantinho)

    1. Santarpio's is a board favorite in East Boston near the airport. It may even be within walking distance of the Logan Airport T stop, I forget. O Cantinho is good but maybe an odd choice for a must try. I think the food is somewhat similar in essence to that at Jaleo in DC. Sure, its a possibility. I'd actually say that Muqueca, a cozy seafood-oriented Brazilian restaurant a couple of blocks from O Cantinho, is more of a must try.

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        i was going to say santarpio's too. certainly a place for local color and definitely within walking distance of the airport t-stop, i.e. terminal shuttle buses.

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          Santarpio's is within walking distance of the *former* Airport T station. Unfortunately, the new station is quite a bit farther away, and not easy to get to on foot. So walking from Santarpio's to the airport shuttle buses that run to the T stop no longer works.

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            i live within spitting distance of santarpio's. take a right out the door, then a quick right onto porter st. walk 25 yards up to the loft factory conversion building and take a left into the new park. it's at most a 6 minute walk from santarpio's to the t. perhaps you were there before the park project was complete?

      2. Anise in Kendall Square might fit the bill. Authentic (and very good) Sichuan. I've always had meals arrive quickly there, and because of all of the biotech, MIT, and the movie theatre there are always cabs around. There's also Rendezvous and Salts in Central Square - but cabs are harder to get there. I can't think of any restaurant who can't get you in and out in 90 minutes if you ask.

        There are simply too many good restaurants in Cambridge to narrow down, but it might help if you said what square you're nearest (Harvard/Centra/Inman/Kendall/Porter/etc.).

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          I was thinking Anise too. At the very least it's interesting and the bar is good. I think the food is good too, but with all the negative reviews on here I am wary of recommending. Another unusual Kendall Square favorite is Helmand for Afghan. Two problems: might be inappropriate for dining solo; might actually be the restaurant that can't get you out in 90 minutes :).

          and btw, I don't think getting a cab should ever be an issue, just get a card from the cab driver that drops you off there and call for a cab just before you're getting ready to leave.

        2. I would think East Coast Grille would not work as they do not take reservations and if you have to wait you are in trouble.

          1. Rincon Limeno in East Boston? I'd get takeout and eat it at the airport; just have the cabbie wait for you while you get your food. Delicious ceviche. Lots of other options for cheap and tasty takeout in East Boston as well; maybe good for when you don't have time for a real meal.

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              Could you tell me some of your favorites in East Boston? I work at Logan and am sick of subs. (Carlos's, DaKoopas, etc.)

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                Unfortunately, as my username suggests, I'm no expert in that neck of the woods, but I'd love to have more since I often want to stop for food on the way to/from the airport. I've been to Rincon Limeno, and the ceviche was fantastic and pretty good for taking to the airport. Maybe I'll start a thread to ask your question since I'm at the airport fairly frequently myself.