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Belmont breakfast and/or coffee shop?

vozick Feb 28, 2007 04:22 AM

Aside from Starbucks on Trapelo Road in Cushing Square, does anyone know a place to have a breakfast or stop for coffee in Belmont? The Trapelo Road area is best, maybe in Waverly Square? Thanks so mery much for your help!

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  1. b
    Boiled Egg RE: vozick Feb 28, 2007 06:17 AM

    You have a few choices:
    1. Andros Diner just a couple of blocks from Waverly Square on Trapelo (going towards Beaver Brook Reservation and McLean Hospital). Nice little diner. But I live in Watertown (6 blocks away) and I'd rather go to Deluxe Diner, Spot Cafe or Cafe Cakes in Watertown.
    2. Vicki Lee's in Cushing Square (www.vickilees.com). I find VL's a little too expensive for my taste, especially just for a spot of coffee or breakfast.
    3. Cafe D'Or just off of Cushing Square (442 Common St.). This is a cute little Lebanese place that serves up breakfast as well. The Lebanese food is very good, but I have yet to try the breakfast.
    4. Select Cafe on School Street (283 School Street) going away from Waverly Square and McLean Hospital. This cafe has wonderful sandwiches on really nice baguettes, lovely omelettes and tasty quiches.

    If you are willing to drive a few more blocks, Watertown has many breakfast offereings especially in Watertown Square. But I hope my suggestions suffice. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Boiled Egg
      Aromatherapy RE: Boiled Egg Mar 3, 2007 05:23 PM

      Cafe d'Or is closed "due to fire." (That's all I know.)

    2. b
      bostonron RE: vozick Feb 28, 2007 01:19 PM

      Aram,s in Cushing Square is pretty good, but Linda,s donut shop has the best donuts .
      their on Belmont St. heading toward Cambridge.

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      1. re: bostonron
        alanr RE: bostonron Mar 5, 2007 07:59 AM

        I'd have to advise against getting anything *but* the donuts at Linda's.

      2. t
        tdaaa RE: vozick Mar 1, 2007 07:53 AM

        Cushing square - Olin's bakery is just across the intersection from starbucks - no seating but fabulous donuts (so good they are actually scary) may also have coffee. Otherwise there is a serious dearth of breakfast spots in Belmont.

        1. b
          bear RE: vozick Mar 4, 2007 06:21 AM

          Just up the road in Watertown you'll find Uncommon Grounds. It's more of a breakfast place than a lingering place, but the food is good, the portions very generous and the prices very reasonable.

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