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Feb 28, 2007 04:22 AM

rehersal dinner once again in scottsdale area elephant bar or pepin's spanish restaurant

Is anyone familiar with either of the above mentioned restaurants? The elephant bar I know is a chain, would this be acceptable for a rehearsal dinner? What about Pepins?

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  1. Do you mean Pepin, the Spanish restaurant near the Scottsdale Center for the Arts?

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      1. re: dawnfawn

        Okay. I used to go often but have not been recently. I remember good but not great Spanish food with a live flamenco show.

        1. re: silverbear

          Just found a recent review of Pepin. It sounds like little has changed since my last visit. The food is okay but not thrilling Most customers go for the total experience of the meal and the entertainment:

    1. Hi Dawn Fawn,

      How many people in your party for the dinner? What is the general price range and what area of town are you trying to stay in?

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      1. re: Leanne

        there will be maybe 35 to 40 people and maybe 4 children or so. I want Tempe or Scottsdale and as inexpensive as possible without seeming gross. Maybe under 25.00 or 30.00 a head, is this possible?

      2. Avoid the elephant bar like the plague... it's like Chili's food, but with eye-scarring decor.

        1. Try talking to the owners of Frashers in Scottsdale - they did a wonderful job for our reception dinner there and the food is really good for the price.. we picked out a couple of appetizers to start the evening with(the toasted ravioli is a must) and then they set a menu of three items that people could choose from. I never asked about the final price (at that point, I didn't care since that was about the only thing we weren't paying for :) but I would imagine it would be well within your range since I would have never made the in-laws spend too much money on it(I am known to be a bit frugal). Frashers doesn't have a fancy atmosphere but the service there has always been excellent and they reserved the front room just for us. We really love eating here, pretty relaxed, resonably priced and good food!!