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Feb 28, 2007 03:43 AM

birthday dinner near soho

My birthday is today. I'm having my real celebration on saturday, but I would like to go out for dinner tonight with my boyfriend. Something really low key and inexpensive (<$20). I was thinking about esquina, but wondering if anyone had other suggestions.

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  1. i like lucky strike on grand st. for low key, especially during the week. i assume by <$20 you mean entree price, because la esquina probably barely qualifies unless you are talking about the taco stand and therefore $20 for the whole meal. in which case, just go to chinatown or something. oh, or mooncake foods on watts st. really inexpensive and quirky.

    1. yep. sorry if I was confusing. I meant for an entree. So let's say <$60 for the meal.

      1. blau gans is pretty awesome and in your price range. just south, in tribeca. in soho proper... what about salt or 12 chairs over on macdougal? pretty much the definition of low key. snack on sullivan (or thompson?) has the same vibe. there's also the cuban place one block south of houston on thompson/sullivan. or one of my favorite quiet neighborhood spots - florencia 13 (L.A.-style mexican food) one block north of houston on sullivan. get the flaming margarita.

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          Bar 89 on Mercer is good for a party. The entrees are no frills and it's a good place to linger after you've eaten. They don't rush you out.

        2. Awesome! thanks for the great suggestions

          1. where did you end up going?