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Feb 27, 2007 09:49 PM

Farmer's Market LA

I have a new friend. In fact, I have many new friends since there are a couple dozen shops selling produce, meat, poultry, baked goods...oh mmm. It is the Farmer's Market in LA. I spent 2 hours there dishing up some ingredients for a chili. Tomatos, fennel, ground pork and lean ground beef. Chicken and apple sausage. (Chowhound's chili recipe). On my way out I stopped at Loteria for a shredded beef taco which ended up being 3.00. It was 'Aiite, but 3 bucks for a STREET taco was a little steep. The Guacamole had too much sugar in it but the beef was flavorful and tender. Don't I wish I were in Mexico again. Soon, street taco heaven...we will reunite.

In the parking lot there were two elderly semi-stout ladies crossing the parking lot when a 330ci fresh black bimmer driven by a man no older than thirty began backing up, not noticing the two women. I witnessed the horror of one of the ladies(We'll call her Jane) as the car inched closer and closer, almost hitting her as tried frantically to backpedal with the help of her 4 pronged cane. THWUNK. She tripped and quicker than a timber, hit her head as she lay momentarily unconscious in the middle of the parking lot. I helped her up as the 30 year old man reparked his car, got out and said, do you need ice? I'll get you ice. "I WANT your ADDRESS in case anything happens!" she yelled. A bystander and the lady's friend thanked me and I left.

Ya never know what ya gon' get at the Farmer's market in LA.

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  1. It was love at first bite for me, too. Don't forget to try Magee's corned beef, the smoked salmon crepe, an apple fritter, coffee ice cream, some Brazilian BBQ, a cup of gumbo, a half-rack of ribs, the quiche of the day, pizza by the slice, and a chicken pot pie all while sipping on a smoothie (or as I do, lazily nursing a pomegranate-blueberry tea latte).

    And everyday I see the zoo that is the Parking Situation. Thank heaven it's a short walk away.

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      Pomegranate blueberry tea latte? That sounds soo good.

      1. re: katkoupai

        I loves me my Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Any of their loose-leaf teas, they'll make into a tea latte by filling their espresso drip with the tea leaves, steeping it in the same way that they make espresso, and then fleshing out the drink with steamed milk. Pomegranate blueberry is just their "published" latte, but I also like the apricot-ceylon tea latte that they make.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          So I can get it at the Coffee Bean? I really like that. I will try it some time. :)