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Feb 27, 2007 09:29 PM

Authentic Moroccan food, LA

Please help me find a traditional place in the Los Angeles area that serves authentic, saucy Moroccan fare. (not updated or fusion style)

I would love to find the braised lamb with prunes and almonds...mmmmm... and other saucy dishes like flavourful chicken and olives tagine.

I've tried Chameau.

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  1. I haven't been, but how about Marrakesh in Studio City?

    1. I think I went to a Marrakesh restaurant in OC once. If it is the same as the one in LA, then I remember it as a nice experience. We sat on pillows on the floor, and ate with our hands (no utensils). The server also poured tea from several feet above our tea cups. If anything, the visual experience and environment were pleasant. I think the food was decent too, but I went 10 years ago. Would I go again? Yes. :)

      1. Okay, I looked at the website, and Marrakesh has locations in Costa Mesa, Studio City and La Jolla. It may not be what you want, in terms of authentic, or you may be pleasantly surprised.

        1. Moun of Tunis, maybe?

          1. I love Dar Maghreb on Sunset. It's been around forever and the food is great, and so are the bellydancers.

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              I love Dar Maghreb as well, although some people hate it. I've been about three times, and have always left very happy. That tea at the end, that they pour from three feet above the teacup, is the best tea I've ever had. It's a fun, different experience.

              The bellydancers I could take or leave, it's more about the food.