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Feb 27, 2007 08:52 PM

St. Louis

I am traveling to the region from seattle with family for a family wedding... we are not invited to the rehersal dinner so we thought it would be great to go out for a wonderful dinner on our own... my father and I are foodies who appreciate everything- especially regional specialties... we like all price points- what are your suggestions?? what are must trys in st. louis?? what must I eat or eat at? I really would love suggestions! Thanks*

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  1. Iron Barley is high on my list of musts.

    Toasted Ravioli is probably the prime regional specialty. St. Louis pizza with provel cheese is favored by some folks.

    1. Having lived in Seattle for a number of years, I am going to suggest some St. Louis places that do not have equivalents in Seattle:

      1. AN AMERICAN PLACE: The grand lobby of the first air-conditioned hotel in the country makes for a wonderful location for an upscale restaurant. The menu emphasizes how local the ingredients are. Architecturally, I do not know of any dining room in Seattle that can match An American Place. On Washington Avenue.

      2. CROWN CANDY KITCHEN: Malts and egg salad sandwiches turned out just the way they used to turn them out when the place opened in 1919. I do not know of any dining room with such an authentic air in Seattle.

      3. IRON BARLEY: I have not eaten here, but the reviews are good; and I doubt if Seattle has a restaurant that features items cooked in cast iron with barley as an accompaniment.

      4. VENICE CAFE: Stop by for a drink, you will spend hours looking at all the details of the decor.

      1. Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard is definitely a St. Louis thing.

        1. Bob: Is Ted Drewe's open now? I know they close during the wintertime.

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            I heard an ad for them on Valentine's Day, so I would presume they are.

            1. re: sheriffblalock

              I think it's only the one on Grand that closes during winter.

              1. re: shannoninstlouis

                The Ted Drewe's on Jamison is open at the end of January. Crown Candy is a must.

          2. Pennie's BBQ in south county has great food at a reasonable price desserts but for that the best place after BBQ is Ted Drewes.. yep it's open. Zinnia's on south Big Bend is great. Their pecan crusted trout is a favorite of mine.

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              Toasted ravioli is novelty food, rather than serious stuff. Gooey butter cake is an only-in-St.-Louis dessert not often found on restaurant menus. However, Eleven Eleven has it and even serves it with a glass of cold milk.

              1. re: lemons

                Just about any bakery in St. Louis will have gooey butter cake.

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                  Don't know about how often it's on St. Louis area menus, but it also shows up on Vie's menu in the Chicago suburb of Western Springs.