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Feb 27, 2007 07:43 PM

Auberge du pommier

Went to Auberge the first time tonight with my gf for our anniversary. The experience was wonderful, but all the food was a bit on the salty side. My gf, who is a salt addict and consumes salt crystals on a regular basis, was even complaining that all her food was packed with generous amount of sodium chloride.

My gf ordered the mini tasting menu, which consisted of 4 courses. She started out with pressed foie gras terrine followed by the additional creamed lobster soup that was not included in the tasting menu. Not being an advocate for butter, the soup just completely filled her up after. The roast grouper filet and the juniper roasted red deer did perform well, but again the salt was too overpowering in all of the plates.

I opted for the a la carte option and ordered the seared foie gras with sauternes to start the evening. I have to say it was definitely the highlight of the night!!! Perfect combo! I had the roasted loin of lamb after and again, the saltiness of the sauce just overpowered the entire dish, too bad~ I ended up devouring my gf's dessert since she couldn't move after the venison. The dessert was poached quince with cardamon flavoured icecream and it was so good that I had to lick even the bottom of the plate to make sure that I got every single bits of that quince. The bill came out to be slightly over 200 with few other drinks that we ordered (sparkling water & a martini). I will consider going back, but just for the foie gras~ Unless the chef goes easy on the salt, I do not believe I will go back and be saturated with salt (gulp, drinking water now).

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  1. Hmm. Here we go again!
    I tried to send back a dish that was oversalted and they accused me of adding the salt myself!!!!!!!!
    I haven't been back.

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    1. re: estufarian

      is there anyway we can just tell the chef that ALL his food is TOO salty?

    2. We had the same problem and that was over a year ago.... My mom joked that even with her 65 year old taste buds, it tasted WAYY salty............. We mentioned it to the server and she definitely looked like she'd heard that before. But they didn't acknowledge it. At least they didn't accuse us of doing it to all of our food!

        1. Though i to have tasted the salt (and i do not salt my plate). the service is best bar none. the food has some imagination as well.

          one of the best rest. in toronto that i have visited (and i have visited quite a few <S>)

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          1. re: galambo

            True - but given how much choice there is in this city, you would think that persistent complaints about saltiness would result in some change being effected -- unless there is some snobby chef assumption that we're all imbeciles and don't know our A&& from our Foie Gras!

          2. Hmm... we were there for dinner at the end of January and the food was just fine, definitely didn't notice a tendency towards oversalting. I thought the foie gras app was outstanding, one of the better foie dishes I've had this year. Maybe we were just lucky that night...