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Feb 27, 2007 07:21 PM

Any recent meals at El Parian?

I am wondering how my favorite restaurant in LA is doing. With a birthday coming up I am thinking of taking the hour plus trip to feast on some chivo.

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  1. I was there about a month ago and ordered 2 carne asada tacos to go. When I got them home I was very disappointed to see they'd been overly zealous with the meat cleaver. They had chopped the meat up into teeny tiny BITS, rather than those juicy strips I remember. It seemed to take all the taste away. Just something to monitor for next time.

    1. Good: The ordenen de birria
      Bad: They still use the round doritos.

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      1. re: NinoHB714

        I guess the same is true for Oax restaurants;
        J. Gold - "There are a few things you can expect at Oaxacan restaurants in Los Angeles, and Las 7 Regiones has them all. The tortilla chips will generally be the cheapest possible commercial chips available, but the dense, concentrated salsa served with them will be first rate."

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          Their salsa has a little heat to it, but it's sort of a watery mush and nothing to rave about. It might be commercial too, but now sure.

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        1. I was there maybe 3 weeks ago and it was as good as usual. Massive asada tacos on good tortillas. I've grown to like the chips, believe it or not, as they have become for me a precursor to great meat about to arrive.

          Carnitas is great, too, BTW. I'm not a huge goat fan just yet, but its growing on me.

          I have had extremely cleaved meat sometimes as tarabell had and I also don't like it as much as the larger chunks. You can probably make sure you get what you want if you ask the waitress. Especially if you can ask in Spanish.

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            Are you sure the carnitas are made of goat? That would be highly highly unusual and weird. Normally carnitas are pork--never heard of anything else.

            1. re: cristina

              The Carnitas is pork. The Birria is goat. They also serve Carne Asada which is beef. 3 meats and the couple of times I ate 1 taco with each meat, they were all great! The Salsa Roja was good but the stale Tostitos were worse than awful!

              1. re: cristina

                Yes - carnitas is braised or roasted pork. The OP mentioned goat (chivo) so I was commenting on that in my post above.

                El Parian is fantastic in that they only sell 3 meats - carne asada, carnitas, and birria de chivo. You can have it lots of ways, but that's all they sell.

                1. re: CulverJack

                  ¡ El Parian! ¿Por Que?
                  Is it always this fatty?
                  I can overlook many hassles, like tricky location, bad neighborhood, parking issues, run down decor/ambience, hard to navigate menus, little English, etc., but the food has to be right. After putting up with many inconveniences (some of my own making) I ordered two tacos asada at El Parian this afternon (Saturday). My first bite was a big piece of fat; moist, gooey, fat ( delicately spat out into the napkin. The second bite was the same. After a while I wondered if I got the trimmings off someone else's asada or I was inadvertantly served buche or chicharone.
                  Sorry, Parianistas, I got all the asada the way I like it up here in the SFV, so I'll see you at El Rincon Taurino, vato!