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Feb 27, 2007 07:12 PM

Anyone familiar with the Ristorante Tipico-Cucina Romana label?

Anyone familiar with the Rome restaurant guide (in English) at under the "brochures" link? It's the brochure at the bottom of the webpage and is in PDF format. It bills itself as the anti-globalization restaurant guide promoting restaurants (58 total) that bear the Ristorante Tipico - Cucina Romana label.

Is this a label that is indicative of good food?

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  1. Well, its a promotional brochure with a list of generally mainstream and respected restaurants - and the "specialties" listed will give you an idea of some of the specifically roman dishes to look for on menus. Its certainly not comprehensive but probably as good and useful source of info as many another restaurant list. thre are lots of good places on the list and you could do much worse than go to them.

    If you look through the links to the organization, their premise seems to be that most italians want to eat "tipico" food - so their mission is to identify and recognize - "valorize" places which serve typical, regional food. It seems like a pretty good list, but the problem with this type of promotion is that it requires a level of self-awareness that mom and pops, for example dont possess. they dont have websites, they are just producing the chow. Also, all the good places are not going to seek certifcation or inclusion in any guide. I dont know what the screening process is either - maybe someone with better italian can penetrate farther

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      Thanks. Your point about the level of self-awareness of mom and pops is a good one.