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Feb 27, 2007 07:04 PM

La Valencia in La Jolla

We had a suggestion to try out La Valencia in La Jolla for lunch. is Tuesday...we went there for lunch (we-in our late 20's, early 30's) and shared the dining room with people 30 years our senior. The menu was typical modern American type stuff with a slight Spanish flair. My husband had paella which he enjoyed very much. I had the sole with a grapefruit chardonnay sauce with orange jasmine rice. LOVED the rice- I enjoyed the sole but it was VERY salty. I'm a person who appreciates salt, but this was overwhelming. I have to say though...the overall experience was very pleasant there, but it def. wasn't the trendy eatery that I had heard about.

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  1. alot of people go there for Brunch as well. Its one of the "classier" brunches in San Diego.

    1. La Valencia is not trendy but I pretty lousy place who delivers crappy food.

      1. wow that's a whole lot of hate!
        i've never been so i can't say anything =P

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          I wrote about that before. We looked for an excellent place for a dinner after our wedding. We are both foodies and so excellent food was very important (and a very good room. There are places with good food or good rooms but it was quite hard to find one with good food and a good room). We visited and talked with many, many restaurants and in the end we decided to test five places and La Valencia was one of them. To make a long story short the food at La Valenica is not even average. I think I am a quite good homecook and I am very confident I can make better food than what we got at La Valencia

        2. food is average, if that and overpriced. You can find much better food for the same cost in La Jolla.

          1. Bad hotel food, I'm shocked.