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Feb 27, 2007 06:37 PM

Jazz Fest weekend

Going to take my wife to Jazz fest for her 35th birthday. Looking for suggestions for romantic dinner, etc. anything to make it special. Would love to hear about suggestions for hotel or even a favorite Jazz Fest band. (1st weekend) Thanks, Sam

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  1. Since Commander's Palace has re-opened (check for schedules), I still think that table #8, in the turret, is the most romantic table in New Orleans. Be specific and tip the host/hostess, when they lead you up the stairs. BTW, the food is great too!!


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. We went to Commander's Palace years ago but were not up in the turret. Sounds very interesting! Will look into it.

      1. re: Bill Hunt

        This sounds interesting. How far in advance do we have to book to request that table? I'm not familiar with the tipping process prior to eating, how does it work and about how much should be tipped?


        1. re: Problem Child

          I've booked #8 up to 6mo. in advance. I usually slip the host/hostess $20, when we are being led up the stairs. Last time, with about the same advance booking, however, we were told at the last minute that a party had booked the upper level, so we were seated in the Garden Room. This was disappointing, as I had called two days out to confirm that we still had #8, and was told yes. No tip, sorry.

          Because we most often dine there and make that request for my wife's birthday (give or take a few weeks, as we no longer live in NO), it's fairly easy to plan quite a bit ahead. I'll do the same for dining in Hawai`i and when we're in London, as some of the great places can sell out very far in advance. In the few instances, that I've had to cancel a trip, I've always called each restaurant to cancel as well. I'd hate to think that a table might go empty, if there are folk, who would like it.


      2. I really enjoyed Cuvee for my birthday dinner last fall. Upperline or Gautreau's (newly reopened) would also be good, and may not be as crowded as some of the places downtown. Be forewarned that a day at Jazzfest can take it out of you. The night of your nice dinner, I would even recommend leaving JF a bit early (like 5), taking a little siesta, and eating dinner around 9 or so.

        1. Thanks for the recs everyone. I requested table #8. they said it depended on the maitre'd so i guess we'll dress up and hope for the best. Will also check out Cuvee.