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Feb 27, 2007 06:36 PM


2 nights (Friday and Saturday), 2 people (couple, adventurous), $200 (per meal all in). Where would you go in Manhattan to make the most of these two nights? I am looking for great food, great atmosphere and a contrast between the two.

My wife and I will be in the city at the end of March and have not been for a while. I have looked through the board and would probably need a month to hit every place that I would like. So, if you had to narrow it down to 2 what would they be?

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  1. Since you say that you "would probably need a month to hit every place that I would like," perhaps, you could tell us which places they are, and we could then help narrow things down for you.

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      From what I have seen I would like to include any of the following in no particular order: Babbo, Gramercy Tavern, Veritas, Hearth, Tia Pol, Lupa, August, Balthazar, L'impero, One if by Land, The Place (for atmosphere, anyway) and the list can go on.

      Anything in there that I should avoid or have i missed a gem? Also, Is it realistic to get a great meal for $200 for 2 people at any of these places (3 courses, not tasting menu, with maybe a bottle of wine or a couple glasses each). Should I be revising upward on the price?

      All innput would be greatly appreciated.

      1. re: fergus

        I think Hearth and L'Impero are doable with your budget. Gramercy Tavern and Veritas are iffy. They both have 3-course prix-fixes for $76. So, it depends on what wine you order.

        I've not been to the others, but I'm guessing that Balthazar, Tia Pol, Lupa, The Place, and August are doable. Not sure about Babbo. As for OIFB, I wouldn't even consider it since the general concensus is that the food is mediocre at best.

        As for revising the budget upwards, my view is that it depends on how badly you want to go to a particular restaurant which you know will cost you more.

        Hope this helps.

        Have a great visit to NYC and Bon Appetit!

    2. Annisa, WD-50, Grammercy Tavern, Babbo. You pick 'em.

      1. For the places that you listed above $200 all in for 2 people won't be enough. Do you mean $200 per person all in?

        1. Donguri (E 83rd - if you compromise on atmosphere) and Lupa would be two good choices - and under $200.

          1. I'd definitely skip One if By Land as their food is really not that good and it is pricey for what it is.
            I'd add Union Square Cafe and Cafe Gray to top places to go to. But you'd have to just watch it on the wine to keep in budget.