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Manch, NH - great breakfast and comfort food.

We had some late nite & early am work to do in Manch. this week and stayed overnight. When leaving the hotel this am (too early) we asked for the closest McDonald's and they said "Oh no, for a good breakfast, you should really go to Pappy's Pizza on Elm St.". Wow, that was a great call. Great diner type breakfast.

Still working hard, by lunch we just wanted something fast and comfort food (with a waitress) so we were told that The Belmont Hall was good. Wow,, if you're looking for great comfort food (and don't mind winding through a somewhat seady area of Manch) this is the place. I had an excellent steak & cheese roll up (chunks of sirloin), with awesome sweet potatoe fries. Hubby had meatloaf special with mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy throughout!! Dessert took us over the edge, carrot cake that was a nice dense version rather then the typical cake type - very good and my to-die-for Chocolate Cream Pie (I know where I'm going to order my next holiday pies)! You can tell this was definately a locals place, everyone seemed to know everyone by name (we were the only strangers in the place).

Stayed at the Amoskeg Falls Inn - great price, awesome bed, good night sleep - when you are looking for just a good night sleep (and don't need any frills) this is it. We came in late, left really early - so spending 1/2 the price as all others in town, made a lot of sense.

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  1. Thanks very much for this report....is the Belmont Hall anywhere near the sports arenas/Verizon area?

    1. No, not really. It's sort of north east of the Old Gill Stadium. Close to Elliot Hosp. if you need a landmark. tucked in a neighborhood - they have a hefty cater business and function halls too. Been there years ago (many moons) for a function.

      1. I'm not surprised Pappy's has a good breakfast, everything else I've had there has been pretty good.

        I may try them on Saturday (I'm in Manchvegas through Sunday).

        1. The Belmont Hall sounds right up our alley- can't wait to try it. Also wanted to give a shout-out to another neighborhood place in Manch we recently tried, called Jewell and the Beanstalk, at 793 Somerville St, not far from where S Willow meets Elm. Very cozy and warm, with lovely, comfie food choices- and fantastic prices. We had breakfast- 2 Greek 'scrambles,' with rosemary potatoes, homemade muffins, coffee, and OJ for $20, and everything was just what we hoped for.

            1. This is actually a great food area--Sausage Heaven is down at this end of Elm Street, and on Valley Street, you've got Creamland with ice cream and fried clams--a funky old roadside attraction down the the street from the jail. Great on a hot summer night. There is a Korean supermarket and a Middle Eastern supermarket right next to each other a little farther down the street, in the same strip mall as Gil's--a tasty Indian place.

              1. My girlfriend says you should check out the Red Arrow Diner, at 61 Lowell St.


                1. Yes, we love the Red Arrow. And do CreamLand all the time - excellent fried scallops too. We just did a new Mexican place on Amhurst St. - It's called Consuelo's Taqueria. Great owners - they have a chance to chat at dinnertime but too busy at lunch. Everthing is fresh to order. Hubby got an awesome burrito "pastor" (spiced pork served with onions and cilantro and homemade beans - no canned beans here). I got the same spiced pork quesadillas. We also split "nachos y mas" w/ chicken. Everything was awesome and fresh. three sauces at a station off to the side - help your self.

                  Been wanting to try Gills (Indian) right there on Valley. We love Pizza Express in there, best subs and pizza.

                  1. Wow--you get around! I'm waiting for your Surf comments...

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                      We never made it when we wanted to. :-( And we've been out straight since working on a project in Manch. eating on the run. I can taste those oysters too - it's killing me. We are out straight until we get on a plane to Florida Sunday - Surf will have to wait til we get back. I'll get me fill of seafood in the south but I'm starting to favor my oysters in the Northeast. Be fun to do a blind taste test one day - not sure there are any places that carry both gulf and northeast in the same room though!! :-)

                    2. enjoy the stone crabs!

                      1. Thank's for the heads-up on Belmont Hall, I had a very good breakfast there on Saturday (hashbrowns with pulled pork, a fairly unique combo). I probably wouldn't have ever randomly stumbled on it, it's well hidden.