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Feb 27, 2007 06:10 PM

Jackson Heights Newbie

I live in Deep South Texas (not much but Mexican food and crappy Chinese) and will be visiting the city in March. I love to explore and try new foods. I have been to Jackson Heights with friends but have never been by myself. I would like to find some neat shops to explore and a great hole in the wall Indian restaurant to eat at (not Jackson Diner). Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help!!!

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  1. Try some Thai food at Sriphaphai or Peruvian roast chicken at Pio, Pio (85th & Northern Blvd). You can google for exact address. They are both delicious!

    1. Dosa Diner for Southern Indian. Go to the Patel supermarket if you haven't been... amazing Indian grocery store.

      1. Make sure you check out Seth Kugel's article in the NY Times about eating in the neighborhood. If it is still available on line, there was a great little audio slide show along with the article. If it's not still at try seth's website - maybe it will be there.
        If you have time after exploring JH and are heading in the general direction, walk 10 minutes down Broadway (from 74th and Roosevelt) to the huge Asian markets in Elmhurst.

        1. Great suggestion. Here is the link (although you may need to sign in)