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Colameco's Food Show.

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I love it. I also love his radio show on wwor 710. He replaced Tyler Florence (thank God), who replaced Rocco.

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  1. Colameco has put LIFE back into WOR food talk...

    1. I love his cooking show on PBS, too. its terrific. So down to earth! Him and Nick Stellino rock my instructional television world.

      1. I do like his radio show and try to catch it as often as possible. It's been a while since I heard a food show host say "I don't know" and that in itself is refreshing. I especially enjoy the wide variety of topics he covers.

        When is his PBS show on? I'm in Jersey so can watch channel 13 or 21.

        1. It's on at 6PM on Sunday on chanel 13. It is listed in guides as 'Food Show'.

          1. I like the radio show too. WOR almost lost me when Arthur Schwartz left the food show but Colameco is even (sorry Arthur) better since Schwartz had a tendency to be whiny and cranky.

            1. Herm, thank you for the PBS info.

              I agree with the comment about Arthur Schwartz. I was also annoyed by Arthur's habit of interrupting guests while they were explaining something.

              What's he doing now?

              1. Oy, I find him unbearable. I like the show, it has good content but there is something about him I can't quite put my finger on that I dislike.

                1. I live outside the metro NY area, but I listen to Colameco on podcasts. Like his style and humanity. Nice guy. Also like the reason he left the restaurant biz... Very knowledgeable.

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                    Why was that (that he left the restaurant business)? I enjoy his PBS show.

                  2. I heard the show for the first time today, streamed from the WOR site. I'm hooked. Thanks for bringing it up.

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                      Maybe I should try listening over the radio instead since I enjoy the content, but not looking at him?

                    2. He is one of us a true CH . Love his show. Sivaleah Mike was a boxer or a kick boxer . I forget .

                      1. Yeah, I wish he'd share the spotlight with his subjects a little more in his TV show. He's a little self-absorbed and not quite as endlessly endearing as he thinks.

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                          lol, that's so true. he's winging it on the radio every day and sometimes it gets old. i agree he's much better than rocco or tyler florence (who were basically unlistenable) but he's no Arthur, who could give you great recommendations of places all over and of all types. Colameco relies on his friends' restaurnats a lot and places he's taped on his show (which, again, are often his friends places). he seems to be fascinated with bloggers like Restaurnat Girl and Josh Ozersky and gives them way too much credit for knowing what goes on. ferreting out news bits and trolling trends is not the same as having solid food and cooking knowledge. i think the Food Talk audience wants more of the latter and less of the former but perhaps the station is pushing for younger audience? at any rate, i can find bloggers on their blogs, i'm listening to find other voices - ones that don't have another outlet

                        2. I also miss Arthur. But Colameco is sooooo much better than those who preceded him. I'm back listening to Food Talk now, even though reception on my car radio is spotty here in southeastern PA. BTW, where IS Arthur these days?

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                            Arthur is conducting cooking classes in Italy and you can hear all about it (in his own inimitable style) if you look at www.foodmaven.com he has a newsletter that I subscribe to so that I can still "hear" his beloved nasal New York voice in my head. No body whines quite like Arthur!

                          2. I've been enjoying Colameco's show for years, but lately, I am more and more turned off by his need to put his schnozz directly ON food when he smells it...although I have gotten good ideas from him, and kind of like his down to earth style, the thoughts that go through my mind when his honker sets down on a beautiful piece of cheese, or bread, or whatever, is quite unappetizing.