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Feb 27, 2007 05:49 PM

AUCE japanese lunch in downtown toronto

Hi, I know that there have been many posts on this topic but I havn't been able to find an AUCE buffet located in the downtown core that got a half decent review. I have a car so anywhere around the Eaton's Center or along Queen, yorkville, spadina ect. All of your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. "Buffet" means all the food is already prepared and laid out on a table. Japanese food is usually not served like that esp because sushi can dry out, but as AYCE they are made to order from a menu.

    Masa at Yonge and Charles (just south of Bloor) is respectable for AYCE lunch. A small selection but quality is not bad.

    1. sorry, my mistake. I would like reccomendations for an auce restaurant.

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        Well most people think buffet is the same as AYCE but they're not. Actually I walked by Masa and saw that they actually say buffet on their billboard! There are not many AYCE Japanese downtown to begin with, apart from Masa I think Kuni Sushi Ya on Baldwin does lunch.

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          I agree. When will we clue in like the french and control our language? Definitions should be set by the government so we don't get confused. This is just getting ridiculous. Does anyone even understand hip-hop? Buffet and AYCE (or AUCE) are not even close to each other. And while we are at, people should stop speaking in acronyms!

          andrea, check this thread for more info on AYCE: