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Feb 27, 2007 05:43 PM

Five Days Five Breakfasts Below 14th

I am currently between jobs and am in the lucky position of being able to take my time for breakfast. If you guys had five days in a row, what 5 breakfast spots below 14th street(on east or west side) would you go to? Thanks.

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  1. Lucky you!

    Off the top of my head:
    Clinton Street Baking Company
    Patisserie Claude
    Grey Dog Coffee
    Egg (in Williamsburg)

    See also:

    1. great suggestions so far. if weekend brunch is ok, then i'd recommend extra virgin, prune, august, five points, and blue ribbon bakery.

      if you're looking specifically for weekday breakfast options in addition to the aforementioned:

      ditch plains opens at 7am everyday.
      cafe cluny also opens early and serves a great breakfast/brunch in particular.

      like kathryn said, patisserie claude - but try to get there before 7:45am to get the croissants, pain au chocolat, and other baked goods while they're still warm. trust me, it's worth it.

      although i think the food at tartine has declined in recent years, when it's on it still serves solid food and is a nice place to have a casual meal. and its setting and atmosphere are quintessentially west village, perfect for a lazy morning.

      la bonbonniere on 8th ave has just so-so diner food, but it's great if you want to do an old-school, greasy spoon sort of place. stick with the basics like egg and cheese sandwiches.

      sant ambroeus' west village branch is overpriced with mostly mediocre food, but the one thing i like on their breakfast menu is the egg crostini. their scrambled eggs are light and creamy, and definitely more delicious than most places i've tried.

      1. I'd definitely go for a Chinatown breakfast. Unfortunately, since I've never had the chance to do it, I can't recommend any spots.

        1. I really like Cafe Mogador (101 St. Marks Place) for breakfast and brunch.

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            mogador thirded. their moroccan eggs are great. also, the house omelet with kasha and gravy at b&h dairy restaurant on 2nd avenue is a longtime favorite of mine.

          2. I second Cafe Mogador... great room for relaxed, long breakfast. Grey Dog is a little more crowded (small) but food is good organic and coffee is great. Silver Spurs on Houston and LaGuardia. I'll get back to you on the other two. enjoy.