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Feb 27, 2007 05:35 PM

Megu, Nobu 57 or Koi?

Help! Between Megu Midtown, Nobu 57, or Koi...where should I go? I want great atmosphere and great food!

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  1. Nobu 57 is great+
    Megu Midtown is good, very good if you get the kobe.
    Koi is not in this league at all, except for maybe price

    1. I'm actually not a fan of Nobu 57 at all and I've given it two tries. The fish wasn't flavorful or fresh. Megu is FANTASTIC for non-sashimi items, especially. The sashimi and sushi are passable. I ate at Koi quite a whiles back, but from what I can (not) remember, it wasn't terribly memorable, except for the atmosphere. I vote for Megu.

      1. Koi in LA is exceptional, but the one in new york is blah. its not that its bad but just doesnt stand out. I would go with Nobu 57 or Megu