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Feb 27, 2007 05:30 PM

Thin crust brick oven pizza in Westchester

The best pizza I've ever had was Al Forno's in Providence, RI. Does anyone know great thin crust brick oven pizza in lower or central Westchester?

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  1. Totonno's in Yonkers. Huge brick ovens with intense heat. At the Ramada Inn at 125 Tuckahoe Rd.

    1. been to alforno's pizza is great, you must try lia's in hartsdale, food is fantastic and they do 10" individual pizzas that are excellent, try the onion and goat cheese.

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        1. Across from the Hawthorne multiplex movie theater there is an Italian resto. called Sabatino's. They have a small pizza cafe on the lower level called Tino's. Their pizza is crusty and slightly smoky tasting. There's no ambiance but to quote an old ad, "You can't eat atmosphere".

          1. Definitely not brick oven but Johnny's in Mt Vernon has some of the thinnest crust around. It's my favorite in Westchester.

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              I finally got to Totonno's too recently. My new favorite pizza place, even if it is a bit of a schlep.

              Spacious, middle class-y, very friendly service, very good pizza (we had the white, margherita and a sausage/mushroom one), the calamari were good, and the salads were large.

              Oh, we tried to go to Tino's but it looked icky so I didn't go in.

              I recommend Totonno's, they have Italian music on Thursdays and Johnny Z at times.

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                Land & Sea on Halstead Ave. in Harrison used to be Peter's. Peter's made a great thin crust brick oven pizza with fresh mozzarella that would curl your toes. I confess it's been a while, does anyone know if, when Land & Sea took over, whether they kept the brick oven?

                Hostaria Mazzei on Regent St. is a little upscale but they do a nice brick oven pizza as well. Centro at the Old Mill in Greenwich also comes to mind, also upscale.