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Thin crust brick oven pizza in Westchester

The best pizza I've ever had was Al Forno's in Providence, RI. Does anyone know great thin crust brick oven pizza in lower or central Westchester?

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  1. Totonno's in Yonkers. Huge brick ovens with intense heat. At the Ramada Inn at 125 Tuckahoe Rd.

    1. been to alforno's pizza is great, you must try lia's in hartsdale, food is fantastic and they do 10" individual pizzas that are excellent, try the onion and goat cheese.

      1. Across from the Hawthorne multiplex movie theater there is an Italian resto. called Sabatino's. They have a small pizza cafe on the lower level called Tino's. Their pizza is crusty and slightly smoky tasting. There's no ambiance but to quote an old ad, "You can't eat atmosphere".

        1. Definitely not brick oven but Johnny's in Mt Vernon has some of the thinnest crust around. It's my favorite in Westchester.

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            I finally got to Totonno's too recently. My new favorite pizza place, even if it is a bit of a schlep.

            Spacious, middle class-y, very friendly service, very good pizza (we had the white, margherita and a sausage/mushroom one), the calamari were good, and the salads were large.

            Oh, we tried to go to Tino's but it looked icky so I didn't go in.

            I recommend Totonno's, they have Italian music on Thursdays and Johnny Z at times.

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              Land & Sea on Halstead Ave. in Harrison used to be Peter's. Peter's made a great thin crust brick oven pizza with fresh mozzarella that would curl your toes. I confess it's been a while, does anyone know if, when Land & Sea took over, whether they kept the brick oven?

              Hostaria Mazzei on Regent St. is a little upscale but they do a nice brick oven pizza as well. Centro at the Old Mill in Greenwich also comes to mind, also upscale.

          2. The best brick oven pizza I've tried in Westchester has to be at Mazzei's Hostaria, in Port Chester. The place is a bit pricey, but well worth it. From drinks to dessert they do a great job, and the pizza is absolutely delicious.It's not really thin crust, but it's close, and their sauce is very tasty. The vegetable pie I ordered had a nice array of grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella, while my wife had the classic Margherita pie, which was equally good.

            No offense to any other posters, but Totonno's, in Yonkers, is nothing special beyond the historical aspect of it being an old style of pizza that you don't see anymore.

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              I liked finding Totonno's because I am always on the hunt for another mid-level red sauce Italian place. I am not one who will try Blue Hills, ever, because I don't like a miniscule amount of food for a lot of money. I've had the pre-appetizers (I think that's what they were called) at Bouley in New York and found them ridiculous. I and a good friend always left there hungry. I like good food, in decent amounts, and with friendly, 'there when I need it without being obtrusive' service. Plates was outstanding. The slippage of places I used to love, like Zen Tango, MacMenamin's Grill, and Sunset Grille is a huge disappointment to me.

              On topic, I liked Totonno's. I appreciated the decent service that went with the good food. Unlike Gina Marie's or La Manda's, I wasn't rushed. The food was not to die for, of course, but it was good, and the service was just fine.

              I'm getting crankier as I get older, and I don't want to pay $88. for a steak for two nor do I want to oooh and aaaah at the goats for $100. a person.

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                Dolores, I recall that you, like me, were a big fan of MacMenamin's. I haven't been lately so am wondering if you could tell me about the "slippage". Also, what slippage at Sunset Grille? I was planning on going over there Sat. night. Please do tell all!

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                  Hi laylag. I went for brunch to MacMenamin's a month or so ago, and was not happy when the food wasn't replaced in a timely manner and desserts weren't replenished. I didn't think much of it until I read here that there had been management issues. I called the restaurant and can't remember to whom I spoke, but she said yes, there 'were' management issues, that their chef had left, and that Miguel, the amazing pastry chef, had moved to the food area. I have not been there of late, so I can't give an accurate assessment. The women on the phone said they were working on their issues -- I'll give them another chance.

                  On Sunset Grille, same thing. I was there a few months ago, and found that Don Emilio (in my opinion, he 'made' the place) had left. Okay, so I coped, and the food was good, service was good, but something was missing. Again, from reading here, it sounds as if something drastic has changed there. Yes, it was expensive, and yes, it was not authentic Mexican, but I liked it. I sent an email to Scott and haven't heard back.

                  My BIGgest disappointment, laylag, is Zen Tango. Chef Denzil's calamari appetizer was on a par with Le Provencal's onion tart, it was that good. I knew I was in trouble when dining there recently, as I was presented a 'new' menu. Hoo boy, talk about something missing. Chef Denzil apparently has gone to Maryland, and left me crying in his wake. The calamari appetizer was a schmoosh of rings dumped in a bowl on some salad with some dressing on it. Blech.

                  I look forward to reading your review after your dinner at SG, laylag. See if Scott is still there and ask him what's going on!

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                    Hey Dolores, on MacMenamin's - don't know what they told you but Brian MacMenamin - executive chef and owner - is absolutely still there. They have had several changes of General Managers and it is possible that Brian's head chef left. In the interest of full disclosure, I know this because my husband is in a related business and knows them fairly well. That said, I liked the restaurant before that. Give them another try and let me know what you think. I can't comment on brunch as have not been for that.

                    You know, I've been to Le Provencal quite a few times and adore it but haven't had the onion tart. If it's as amazing as you say I will be ordering it on the next visit - to heck w/the calories.
                    I'm adjusting my plans and won't be going to Sunset Grille on Sat. night which is a shame.

                    We never got to Zen Tango but were planning to and after your post from a while back about how badly it had gone downhill, I just never bothered.

                    1. re: laylag

                      Thanks laylag, I will definitely give MacMenamin's another try. I even have a 'gotcha' on Zen Tango -- I was given a large gift certificate for Christmas, so I will apparently be going back there again too!

                      Oh yes on the onion tart. If they served the entire pie, I would eat it. All.

                      As to Sunset Grille, I heard from the folks there. My advice would be to go there after all on Saturday. That's all I can say, but my advice is to give them another try. I know I will be doing so.

            2. I have to agree with the previous poster, I tried the pizza at Totonnos;not so great. My boyfriend and I did not finish a small pie. Something about the cheese, I couldn't chew it, it was like rubber and tasteless. We really didn't enjoy the pizza. Johnny's has my vote.

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              1. re: chowdom

                Johnny's is the way to go- the pizza is AWESOME - the best this side of New Haven. Totonnos is a dump. we walked in and ran out....

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                  Really? I found that Johnny's has no atmosphere and the wait and cramped quarters are not worth the pizza.

                  Only Pepe's is worth the wait and the grumpy service.

              2. You might also want to try the Modern Pizzaria in New Rochelle. It's a couple of block from the Home Depot. The pizzas are good and the heros/grinders/hoagies/subs are well filled.

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                  Modern Pizza was my favorite for great pizza. They don't believe they sell by the slice, so you have to order a whole pie. It used to be great, but my husband and I went there a few months ago, the pizza crust was doughy/chewy and dry. Pizza is a big treat for me (calories), but I love it. I won't be going back there until I know it's good again.

                  1. re: pobo

                    Mr. dolores doesn't like Modern's pizza anymore either.

                    Too bad Pepe's couldn't have put another location in Westchester, in a strip mall where there was free parking, next to another Walmart.